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JAE-100 GEN 2 Precision Rifle Stock for Tactical M14/M1A Rifle/Carbines

By David Crane defrev at gmail dot com September 26, 2008 Speaking of M14/M1A tactical rifles, just in case you’re not quite ready to go bullpup, J. Allen Enterprises, Inc (JAE) has a good-looking M14/M1A rifle stock comprised of a composite polymer skin chemically-bonded over an aircraft-grade aluminum skeleton. So, what’s the point. Well, first, it looks pretty slick. But, …

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Para Tactical Target Rifle (PTTR): Clean-Running Tactical AR-15 Carbine?

By David Crane defrev at gmail dot com September 19, 2008 Para USA (formerly Para Ordnance) is marketing what appears to be an updated (or just rebranded) version of Al Zitta’s Z-M Weapons LR300 AXLT carbine called the Para Tactical Target Rifle (PTTR). The PTTR operates via a modified direct-gas-impingement (DGI) system, which the company calls "Delayed Impinged Gas System …

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Modern Day Marine Military Expo: Latest and Greatest Tactical Technology

by Bob Taubert Like the SHOT Show, the annual Modern Day Marine Military Expo gets bigger and better each year. However, unlike SHOT some of the toys for Uncle Sam’s boys that are on display cost millions of dollars a pop. Aircraft, particularly the unmanned variety, unmanned and manned waterborne patrol and attack platforms, wheeled and tracked robots, people and weapons …

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