Tactical Firearms Academy Offers Submachine Gun Class.

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Well, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to handle and shoot a subgun properly, and have never had the chance, you might want to give Dave Sanders and the boys at Tactical Firearms Academy a call, particularly if you live in Florida.

I’m seriously considering calling these guys and signing up myself. Just from the description, it looks like this course is going to give students…

a lot for the money. Hopefully, I can fit it into my schedule. Time to pull out the ol’ calender.

Here are the particulars, including course description, cost, and contact info:

Tactical Firearms Academy
Basic Submachine Gun I
October 26th & 27th 2002
This Submachine gun (SMG) course will be two days.
Students will be versed in both the open and closed bolt type of firearm.

SMGs used will be the H&K MP5, Colt 635, Beretta PM12, British Sterling Mk4 and Uzi 9mm submachine guns.

Cost will be $365. (smg rental included) Deposit of $130 is required.

Subjects will cover the following:

General Handling Skills: Field strip and reassemble, loading and unloading procedures both right and left handed, stoppage clearance both right and left hand.

Shooting Positions and Techniques: Standing, low and high kneeling and prone.

Transition Techniques: Muzzle up, muzzle down and cross dominant transition techniques, both right and left handed.

Auto-fire Trigger Control Techniques: Instructor will demonstrate how to effectively use burst control (consistent 2-3 rd burst) from a variety of shooting positions.

Accuracy Assessment: Techniques used to quickly acquire and assess a lethal threat and engage in automatic fire accurately.

Qualification: At the end of the 2nd day you will be required to pass a law enforcement qualifier.
Do not miss this great opportunity to participate in this one of a kind dynamic class. This class in open to the general public. Class size is limited.

Please call (954-274-6962) or email (tacfire@bellsouth.net) for registration package.

Students who wish may bring their own NFA registered smg. Students will be responsible for ammunition (1k factory ammo) and all range gear. A list of equipment will be supplied with the registration package.

Tactical Firearms Academy Offers Submachine Gun Class. by

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