STI V.I.P. Compact Carry .45

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S.T.I. International has a new compact hi-cap .45 designed specifically for CCW holders, called the V.I.P. The new gun holds ten rounds, and is obviously designed to give people an alternative to carrying a Glock 30. The main plus over the 30 is it’s 1911 layout which includes a frame mounted sweep-down safety. It’s main disadvantage, compared to the G30, is it’s pain in the butt factor in terms of field stripping, reassembly, and maintenance as compared to the Glock offering.

DefRev would like to find out how the V.I.P. compares to the Glock 30 in the reliability department, but we will have to wait until we get one in our hot little hands for the answer to that question.

Click here to read an article on the V.I.P. from "Handguns" magazine.

To visit S.T.I.’s V.I.P. page, click here.


STI V.I.P. Compact Carry .45 by

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