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Stealth Sensor for Stealthy Body Searches on Bad Guys

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By David Crane
defrev at gmail dot com

June 9, 2008

Paradigm Tactical Products Inc., maker of the FriskerPRO hand-worn metal detector/search device, has reportedly just received an order from U.S. Army 5th Special Forces Group a.k.a. 5th Group for its latest discreet metal detector/covert body search device called Stealth Sensor. Looks like the 5th Group operators wanted a more discreet/covert detector than the FriskerPRO hand-worn metal detector, so as to make the searching process a safer enterprise for the searcher.

Apparently, FriskerPRO vibrated too much and…

alarmed the searchees a little too much in some cases, which was problematic in certain situations and reduced searcher safety. According to a company press release on Stealth Sensor, "a majority of FriskerPRO users indicated that a silent model detector would be preferred as they felt their safety was at risk when a hand worn detector is activated during a search and the vibrating unit buzzes or the subject feels a vibration during a pat down search. The Stealth Sensor belt worn receiver, pocket receiver, or ear worn receiver design resolves this problem."

Stealth Sensor utilizes Bluetooth transmitting technology and can be adjusted to detect metal objects from greater distance from the subject, as well. Greater distance, of course, means enhanced safety. Alert volume and vibration strength are also adjustable. The Bluetooth aspect means additional personnel on scene can be silently alerted if a metal object is detected on the search subject.

Stealth Sensor is rechargeable and incorporates GPS tracking and syncronization with cell phones to transmit or alert other locations.

Company Contact Info:

Paradigm Tactical Products,Inc.
64 Central Street,
Georgetown, MA 01833
Phone Numbers:
Toll Free:(866)FRISKER (374.7537)
E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected] Product Website Company Website

Stealth Sensor for Stealthy Body Searches on Bad Guys by

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