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Stavatti SF-1 Gasdynamic Laser Rifle. Individual Combat Weapon of the Future?

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The following information was supplied to DefRev by Stavatti Corporation-Armament Systems. A link to the SF-1 Gasdynamic Laser Rifle information sheet/line card is included in the story. It should be noted that DefRev does not yet have verification of any of Stavatti’s claims, including the veracity of the SF-1 weapon-performance claims made below.

Back in March 2003, DefRev broke the story on the Stavatti TIS-1 (Tactical Infantry System -1) Gasdynamic Laser Rifle "white paper".

The (exclusive) article, itself, was titled "Stavatti Tactical Infantry System-1(TIS-1) Gasdynamic Laser Rifle ‘White Paper’." It actually created quite a stir, particularly after picked up on the story and published a blurb containing a link to our article. The blurb was titled "Contractor Proposes Laser Rifles for U.S. Military".

Well, according to Stavatti, there’s now a follow-on program to TIS-1. It’s called the SF-1 Gasdynamic Laser Rifle. The SF-1, according to the company, is a derivitive of the TIS-1. Stavatti claims that the SF-1 will "deliver a lethal beam of 10.6 micrometer wavelength laser light over a 0.3 second per-shot duration. The SF-1’s per shot net energy output-to-target is approximately 2kW."

Stavatti also claims that the SF-1, if successfully developed, will be a…

select-fire weapon with semi-auto and full-auto capability. On full-auto, it will fire at over 150 rpm. Effective range will exceed 1,800 meters. The rifle will reportedly create a recoil force of 11.25 lbs/sq. in. to the operator.

If you’d like to read more about the SF-1 Gasdynamic Laser Rifle, including its method of operation, just click here. That link will take you to the Stavatti SF-1 Gasdynamic Laser Rifle line card/information sheet.

Click here to read the "white paper" on the SF-1’s precursor developmental weapon, the TIS-1 (Tactical Infantry System-1) Gasdynamic Laser Rifle.

Editor’s Note: (4/30/04) does not stand behind/support any of Stavatti’s claims regarding the TIS-1 or SF-1 laser rifles. DefRev is just reporting, and letting our readers decide.

Stavatti SF-1 Gasdynamic Laser Rifle. Individual Combat Weapon of the Future? by

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