ST Kinetics SAR-21 at TREXPO East

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Class III Supply, out of Hermitage, PA, is the exclusive importer of the ST Kinetics SAR-21 rifle from Singapore. The SAR-21 is a brand new state of the art bullpup assault rifle in 5.56mm, that will be going head to head with the Israeli TAR-21(Tavor) bullpup rifle, and all other modern 5.56 assault rifles on the world market. Judging by my experience with this rifle at the range, the SAR-21 is going to give its competitors a serious run for their money(more on that in our "Range Day at TREXPO East" article coming up soon).**Click on "Read More" below for the rest of the story on the SAR-21**

The rifle’s combined stock and receiver is comprised of an advanced polymer, and thus is fairly light. Since its bullpup configuration leaves the shooter’s face very close to the chamber, ST Kinetics has thoughtfully designed a protective ceramic plate into the stock, along with an overpressure bleed hole in the chamber, to protect the shooter’s face in case of catastrophic failure. I particularly liked the ergonomics of the ambidextrous charging handle on top of the receiver and under the optical sight. Like the HK G36, the handle swivels, so righties and lefties can operate it with equal speed and efficiency. The SAR-21 also incorporates a gas regulator at the front of the rifle that can be adjusted for different loads, similar to what can be found on the FN FNC, although the design is different. Magazines are made out of a clear polymer, similar to the magazines for the HK G36 and Sig 550 series rifles. So far, the SAR-21 only comes in standard configuration. Hopefully compact and mini variants will be developed.

To go to Class III Suppy’s website, click here.

To visit ST Kinetics’ SAR-21 page, click here.

ST Kinetics SAR-21 at TREXPO East by

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