Special Operations Report:Inside the World of Police and Military Tactical Units

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by David Crane
[email protected]

DefenseReview just got a chance to evaluate the very first issue of "Special Operations Report: Inside the World of Police and Military Tactical Units". The copy we received is the SOFEX 2004 Special Edition, with a hi-res pic of two Jordanian Counterterrorist Battalion 71 (CTB-71) operators on the cover. Upon reviewing the magazine, I will say this: If you’re looking for a top flight magazine to educate and update you about the various Special Operations/Counterterrorism units from around the world, look no further. This is it. "Special Operations Report" is definitely the magazine to get.

If you acquire a copy of "Special Operations Report" for yourself, you’ll immediately notice the quality of the photographs, as well as the overall quality of production. Both are first rate. The first thing I did with mine was start flipping through the book, looking at all the photos of the various tactical/Special Operations units from around the world, and analyzing their…

tactical armament choices. We’re gear heads, here at DefRev, after all. O.k., so the images were solid. What about the text/writing? Also very impressive, I’m happy to say. The articles in this magazine are well written, and loaded with great information (i.e. chock-full).

DefenseReview already knew a little bit about the Jordanian Counterterrorist Battalion 71 (CTB-71), but we knew almost nothing about the Mobiles Einsatz kommando, a.k.a. MEK, which is an elite police SWAT unit that operates in Hamberg, Germany. We had heard or read a little something about them before in other publications, and run into teams like them at SWAT Round-Up, but we had never received any information on them that was this detailed. The Counterterrorist Battalion 71 (CTB-71) article was also the most detailed article I can remember ever reading on that unit. Sam Katz wrote it, and did a really great job.

DefRev has a particular soft spot for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) units, since they see so much action and have to deal with terrorists on a constant/daily basis. So, we particularly appreciated Special Operations Reports’ coverage of Israel’s elite National Border Guard counterterrorism unit, called "Matilan", which regularly engages in counterterrorist operations virtually everywhere inside Israel, especially in and around Jerusalem. One of Matilan’s primary tasks is hunting for homicide bombers, before they complete their evil missions.

I also liked the article written by Mordechai Rachamim, President and CEO of Hawkeye International Security Consultancy, a private investigations and security consulting firm located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Mordechai is a former Sayeret Mat’kal operator. Sayeret Mat’kal is an elite IDF Special Operations/Counterterrorism unit. After his service in Sayeret Mat’kal, he became a sky marshal for El Al, Israel’s national airline. By the the way, I got a particular kick out of the color picture of Mordechai smiling a big magnanimous smile at the camera while holding his trusty Beretta Model 70S pistol (.22 LR), which is a real favorite of the Mossad (Israeli Intelligence). As it happens, I used to own a Beretta Model 70S pistol, myself. Mine was threaded by AWC Systems Technology for a sound suppressor/silencer. In order to do this, AWC had to remove the front sight from the barrel, and create a new slide-mounted front site, from scratch. This pistol now belongs to a friend of mine.

But, back to the magazine. The articles I described are just a sampling of what this first issue of "Special Operations Report" has to offer. There are a lot of other great articles in it, that I didn’t mention. Here’s my advice, if you enjoy reading about military SpecOps units and police/LE SWAT teams from around the world, run (don’t walk) to get a copy of "Special Operations Report". I mean that figuratively, of course, since you won’t find Special Operations Report at your local news/magazine stand. You’ll have to subscribe to it. I strongly suggest you do.

Click here to get your very own subscription to "Special Operations Report: Inside the World of Police and Military Tactical Units".

"Special Operations Report" can be contacted by phone at 212-765-5700, or at 845-268-2000.

Steve Hartov, Editor-in-Chief, can be contacted via email at [email protected].

Sam Katz, the other Editor-in-Chief, can be reached at [email protected].

Chris Radtke is the advertising contact at "Special Operations Report". He can be reached by phone at 212-765-5700 Ext. 6, or via email at [email protected], if you would like to become a "Special Operations Report" advertiser.

SOFEX is Jordan’s Mil/Le Special Operations/Counteterrorism Expo. Click here to visit the SOFEX website. SOFEX can be reached by phone at 011-962-6-5627301. SOFEX’s Director can by contacted by email at [email protected]. SOFEX’s Deputy Director can be contacted at [email protected]. SOFEX Sales and Marketing can be reached at [email protected]. You can email the SOFEX Press and Media department at [email protected].

Hawkeye International Security Consultancy can be contacted by phone at 011-972-3-5226647, or via email at [email protected].

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