SMALL PACKAGES, BIG BANG: Personal Defense Weapons (Part 2)

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by David Crane
[email protected]

If you’ve already read the SoldierTech article, "SMALL PACKAGES, BIG BANG: Personal Defense Weapons (Part 1)", or even if you haven’t, you should definitely read "Part 2" of the article, which contains information on the HK MP7A1 PDW, Saab Bofors CBJ-MS PDW (along with it’s proprietary 6.5x25mm ammo), Arm West PDW (Pistol-Config and Shoulder-Weapon-Config Versions), and Marshall Arms Pistol PDW.

Before this article, no information had ever been provided on the Arm West PDW concept(s). So, this is a real first look. Arm West is run by Jim Sullivan (L. James Sullivan), designer/developer of the Ultimax 100 LMG and it’s proprietary and reliable 100-round drum mag. Sullivan also co-designed and developed the AR-15/M16 rifle (with Bob Fremont), it’s original 20-round 4179 STANAG box magazine, and original 55-grain NATO 5.56x45mm cartridge, all while working at Armalite under Gene Stoner.

Here’s the link to to "Part 2" of the 2-part SoldierTech Article, "BIG BANG: Personal Defense Weapons":…

SMALL PACKAGES, BIG BANG: Personal Defense Weapons (Part 2)

SMALL PACKAGES, BIG BANG: Personal Defense Weapons (Part 2) by

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