Revolutionary Combat/Tactical Shotgun Recoil Reduction System

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by David Crane

Knoxx Industries, LLC has just come out with another rather amazing and revolutionary combat/tactical shotgunning product, called the Knoxx SpecOps Stock. The patented Knoxx SpecOps Stock has the potential to really change the game regarding rapid multiple target engagement capability with full-power 12-guage shotgun loads. The Knoxx SpecOps Stock is an evolutionary development from two previously-perfected proprietary Knoxx technologies, incorporating the recoil attenuation/mitigation mechanisms of both the Knoxx COPStock Recoil Reducing Stock and Knoxx Compstock Recoil Reducer.  The result, a highly-effective recoil-reducing shotgun stock that allows more hits on target for greater lethality (i.e. lethality enhancement).

Larry Graff, Knoxx Industries’ Marketing Director, told DefenseReview that the Knoxx SpecOps Stock will attenuate/mitigate felt-recoil by 75% or more. Wow. The Knoxx SpecOps Stock is telescoping/retractable, and is AR-15/M4/M4A1-style. To attenuate/mitigate recoil this drastically, The Knoxx SpecOps stock essentially…

combines the Knoxx COPStock Recoil Reducing Stock’s grip/stock sliding mechanism with the Knoxx Compstock Recoil Reducer’s controlled-collapsing buttpad system.

If the Knoxx SpecOps Stock can successfuly attenuate/mitigate felt-recoil as dramatically as the company claims, and it proves to be durable in the field, it will make the combat/tactical shotgun (12ga) an even more effective CQB (Close Quarters Battle)/urban warfare weapon than it already is (in trained/skilled hands). Not only will it allow military Special Operations (SPECOPS) personnel, law enforcement (LE) SWAT/SRT operators, and private military company (PMC) operators to engage multiple (hostile) targets more quickly and thus conduct CQB/urban warfare operations more effectively, but it will also allow them to greatly increase their live-fire trigger-time levels, and become even more proficient shooters. They’ll simply be able to put a lot more rounds downrange without fatiguing or injuring their shoulders (and bodies).

If you have a Remington 870 or Mossberg 590 pump-action 12-gauge combat/tactical shotgun, you might also want to get yourself a couple of Knoxx Industries Sidewinder Tactical Conversion Kit snail drum magazines, as well. The Knoxx Sidewinder Tactical Conversion Kit snail drum mag will give you 10 rounds of immediate firepower and allow you to perform speed reloads and recharge your shotgun with a fresh 10 rounds of full-power 12-guage ammo as fast as you can change rifle mags (box magazines).

The following are some features and advantages offered by the Knoxx SpecOps Stock (from the Knoxx Industries, LLC website):

Unique Features:

• Instantly adjustable to fit all shooters
(11.5 to 16-inch length-of-pull)
• Perfect fit with load-bearing and ballistic vests.
• Dual recoil compensation systems eliminate harsh recoil
with all loads
• Unique design cuts muzzle rise – Get back on target faster
• Lightweight durable alloy and polymer construction for years of rugged reliable service


• Dramatic Reduction in Recoil and Muzzle Flip

• Eliminates Shooter Fatigue and Pain Regardless of Size
• Use Magnum Shells without Pain
• Increased Accuracy and Faster Follow-up Shots
• Increased Confidence and Effectiveness in Shotgun Utilization
• Reduced Officer injury claims

For more information on the Knoxx SpecOps Stock combat/tactical shotgun recoil attenuation/mitigation system, you can contact Knoxx Industries, LLC by phone at 805-227-4099, or toll free at 877-465-4099 (877-GO-KNOXX). You can also email them at Ask for Larry Graff. You can reach Larry directly, via email, at

Once you’ve purchased your Knoxx SpecOps stock, DefenseReview recommends that you give Louis Awerbuck a call, and sign up for one of his classes. Mr. Awerbuck is a master shotgunner/instructor, and the owner of the world-reknowned Yavapai Firearms Academy, Ltd. (YFA). He will make you truly surgical with a combat/tactical shotgun, and teach you how to fight with it. Once you train with him, you’ll be able to put your Knoxx SpecOps stock-equipped combat/tactical shotgun to highly efficient use against armed, hostile opponents in close quarters battle (CQB)/urban warfare environments. You can reach Louis Awerbuck/Yavapai Firearms Academy at 928-772-8262, or via email at

If you can’t get out to Prescott, Arizona to train with Mr. Awerbuck in person, DefRev highly recommends that you order his instructional video "The Combat Shotgun", sold by Paladin Press.

Author’s Note: The Knoxx Compstock Recoil reducer was recently improved and made even more effective by the addition of a new "Soft-Start Cam". Also, the Knoxx Industries, LLC website contains a link to a pop-up video clip of the Sidewinder Conversion Kit snail drum magazine in action, on the Sidewinder web page.

Revolutionary Combat/Tactical Shotgun Recoil Reduction System by

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