Refaim Advanced Infantry Rifle Grenade/Weapon System for Counterinsurgency Ops

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by David Crane

The Refaim Advanced Infantry Weapon System, or "Advanced Infantry Rifle Grenade", manufactured by Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI), is an air-burst telescopic bullet trap rifle grenade that incorporates point detonation, time delay, and self-destruct functions. "Defense Update", an Israeli online publication, has some excellent information on the Refaim rifle grenade.

The following is what "Defense Update" has to say about the Refaim Advanced Infantry Weapon System/Advanced Infantry Rifle Grenade:…

"The fragmentation charge is optimized against infantry targets but can also penetrate vehicles and windows by utilizing a short time delay, thereby maximizing the effect behind or within cover. The system can also use an add-on grenade launcher such, such as the M-203. The airburst grenade uses a programmable time delay fuse which is set by the Multi-Purpose Rifle System (MPRS) fire control system designed by International Technologies Lasers (ITL).

The MPRS measures the range to the target, displays a corrected aiming point for proper elevation necessary for accurate firing, and automatically sets the time delay fuse in the grenade to activate the bomb just before impact, at a preset altitude over the target. The fuze can also be set to explode at a preset delay after an impact, to penetrate a soft target (a window, for example).

IMI is also developing two new submunitions for the Refaim. The MPRS has additional C4I functions, including a digital compass and laser pointer which provide effective battlefield coordination, as well as full integration into tactical command and control systems. Information from the system can be displayed at the team and squad level, neighboring forces such as tanks or helicopters, or link up to higher command echelons.

At LIC 2004 IMI unveiled an inert Refaim grenade with an embedded camera and communications link, which can send a view of the target as it descends to strike. This low cost system provides a "bird’s view" of the target. The image is collected by the receiving unit and displayed to the user as a static image of the target, with various zoom options. The second new Refaim grenade is equipped with CS irritating gas, and is designed to provide security force effective non lethal means, fired at a range of a few hundred meters, over five times the distance currently used by CS grenades and canisters."

According to "Defense Update", the Refaim rifle grenade was designed specifically for the advanced/modified version of the IMI Tavor TAR-21 rifle.

Click here to read more about the IMI Multi-Purpose Rifle System (MPRS), from the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s "Israel at Eurosatory 2004" page.

Refaim Advanced Infantry Rifle Grenade/Weapon System for Counterinsurgency Ops by

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