New and Improved Milkor MGL Mk-1S Multiple 40mm Grenade Launcher for SPECOPS

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by David Crane

Milkor Marketing (PTY) LTD has just improved their MGL Mk-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher, creating a new low-velocity 40mm (40x46mm) multiple grenade launcher (MGL) called the Milkor MGL Mk-1S Multiple Grenade Launcher. The MGL Mk-1S sports a stronger stainless steel frame than the original MGL Mk-1, as well as a NATO standard sight rail. Milkor Marketing has also added a telescoping buttstock to the MGL Mk-1S to "enhance its operational use".

It’s DefRev’s understanding that the original Milkor MGL Mk-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher, which first entered production in 1983 for the South African military, is (by now) the most battle-proven (combat-proven) 40mm (40x46mm) multiple grenade launcher in the world. It’s proven itself in some of the most…

extreme combat environments in the world, including desert and jungle environments. The MGL Mk-1 has been highly valued not only by state-sanctioned armies, but also by mercenaries and private military company (PMC) soldiers/operators throughout the world. The Milkor MGL Mk-1’s tactical uses include special operations, counterinsurgency operations, counterterrorism operations, and peacekeeping (including crowd control). Infantry, Special Forces/SPECOPS, Marines, Peacekeeping Forces, and law enforcement agencies around the world have all put this weapon to effective use, at one time or another, in the past.

So, the new and improved version, the Milkor MGL Mk-1S Multiple Grenade Launcher, should also prove to be a real winner on the battlefield. The original MGL Mk-1 is very tough to beat as a force-multiplier on the modern battlefield, and is one of DefRev’s favorite light weapons. With it, a soldier/operator can fire all six 40mm grenades in 3 seconds, and effectively engage targets out to 400 meters. Terminal area is 20 x 60 meters.

The new MGL Mk-1S Multiple Grenade Launcher can also be had with a longer cylinder for firing longer, standard velocity grenades (for specialized operations). This configuration has been dubbed the MGL Mk-1L

Weapon Specs:
Caliber: 40x46mm (low-impulse). Length (buttstock retracted): 630mm. Length (buttstock extended): 730mm. Height (sight attached): 270mm. Width: 160mm. OA Weight (Dry/Empty): 5.6 Kilograms. Rifling: Progressive twist with 1:1200mm final twist. Minimum Range: 30 meters. Maximum Range: 400 meters. Maximum Effective Range: 365 meters. Cylinder Capacity: 6 rounds of less than 104mm in length. Finish/Surface Treatment: Gunkote SCK6.

Milkor Marketing (PTY) LTD can be contacted by phone at 011-27-12-362-6984 / 87. Or, they can be contacted by email at Milkor Marketing (PTY) LTD is located in Pretoria, South Africa.

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New and Improved Milkor MGL Mk-1S Multiple 40mm Grenade Launcher for SPECOPS by

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