Radical New High-Tech Custom Combat Folder from Warren Thomas Knives

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by David Crane

DefRev doesn’t know the name of this wild design yet, but it’s one of the coolest and most interesting clip-it combat folders the auther has ever seen. It’s VERY cool. It appears to be a reverse raptor or "anti-raptor" design. The handle is also very interestingly designed.

DefRev is guessing both the blade and handle are titanium, and that the blade edge has…

a coating of carbide particles, however DefRev does not yet have confirmation on any of this. Carbide particles, from my understanding, create a micro-serration on the blade edge and thus aid a titanium blade in cutting various materials. They also reduce the need for re-sharpening.

According to "Kublai" from UsualSuspect.net, who posted the info and pics on this brand new item on the forums over there, "the knife is definitely unconventional in appearance, but it is a fresh new approach to a weapon – effective design. And a future batch of these is currently being discussed for delivery to an un-named government agency."

If you’d like to get more info and see some hi-res digital pics of the "Anti-Raptor" clip-it combat folder, you’ll have to join up as a member at UsualSuspect.net, and then go to these links:

Click here to view page one of "Kublai’s" post on the UsualSuspect.net forums.

Click here to visit page 2 of Kublai’s post and view more hi-res digital pics.

If you have any interest in combat clip-it folders, I highly suggest you take a close look at this knife.


Radical New High-Tech Custom Combat Folder from Warren Thomas Knives by

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