Miguel Caballero LTD Body Armor: High Security Fashion for the Jetset Crowd

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by David Crane

Miguel Caballero has been labeled by "Business Week" magazine as "the Armani of Bulletproof Apparel". This is because his company, Miguel Caballero LTD (located in lovely Bogota, Columbia), specializes in "high security fashion", including bullet-resistant (men’s) business and casual attire.

You know, I can’t help thinking how appropriate Bogota, Columbia is as a location for Mr. Caballero’s company. I mean, where else to better test his products? Let’s face it, Bogota ain’t exactly Kansas. In fact, it’s got a reputation for being one of the highest risk cities/peacetime environments on earth. Remember the Harrison Ford film "Clear and Present Danger"? Not exactly a sales ad for Columbian tourism.


Gold Collection bullet-resistant garments are targeted towards security consultants/bodyguards engaged in medium-risk assignments. The garments weigh 4-6 lbs and offer up to NIJ level IIIa protection, which protects against high-velocity 9mm hardball and 44 Magnum rounds. Bullet-Resistant Jackets, Vests, and T-Shirts are available.

Miguel’s Platinum Collection is geared for "Presidents, State Leaders, Dignitaries, Top Executives, Businessmen, Diplomats, and those who demand maximum discretion, comfort, and flexibility." These bullet-resistant garments are lighter than the Gold Collection garments, and weigh 2.4-4 lbs. The Platinum Collection is also bullet resistant up to NIJ level IIIa. Both formal and casual attire is available.

So, if you’re an executive protection specialist, or you’ve got an important, high profile job that makes you a target for assassination, before you go out and buy that Armani or Zegna jacket, you might want to give Mr. Caballero a call.

You can reach Miguel Caballero LTD by phone at 011-(57-1)-347-8199, or via email at comercial@miguelcaballero.com.

In case you’re wondering where DefenseReview first found out about Mr. Caballero and his haute couture (high fashion) body armor, we first read about him in the July 2004 issue of "Wired" magazine.

Miguel Caballero LTD Body Armor: High Security Fashion for the Jetset Crowd by

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