M.D. Labs is Building Some Serious Guns for Carry

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Kevin McClung and Steve Morrison are now building high-end custom 1911’s and Hi-Powers for carry that they call "Hard Use" guns.

Although McClung is primarily known for his super high-performance knives that he builds under the "Mad Dog Knives" moniker, he apparently also knows how to build one hell of a pistol. Along with the help of Steve Morrison, it looks like he’s setting out to gain the same reputation for building both pistols and rifles that he’s earned for his blades–not an easy task to accomplish.

I just spoke with Steve over the phone, who informed me that they are using Schuemann and KKM barrels for the guns. KKM barrels are used exclusively for the Hi-Powers, as Schuemann only makes pistol barrels for the 1911. Steve told me that both companies’ barrels are in a class by themselves, and yield some serious accuracy. The testing procedures Schuemann performs on it’s products are particularly interesting. If I completely understood the process, I would explain it, but the reader is best served by visiting Schuemann’s site at the link below. By the way, in the future, Steve says they will be looking into the benefits of Schuemann’s "Gain Twist" barrels, that gradually speed up the spin on the bullet as it travels down the bore.

The author has seen pictures of the "Hard Use" 1911 and Hi-Power on the Tactical Forums, and the guns look top notch. I’ve provided direct links to the specific pages, below. When you visit the Hi-Power page in particular, note the beautifully executed extended beavertail, C&S commander hammer and manual safety, and KKM barrel. On the 1911, take special notice of the grips. They’re made custom by M.D. Labs, and are made out of the same fiberglass/epoxy resin composite as the Mad Dog Knives "Frequent Flyer" undetectable knife.

As an aside, I’d just like to say that I personally own some of McClung’s edged weaponry, and look forward to Defense Review getting both a "Hard Use" 1911 and Hi-Power for testing at some point in the future. I’d venture to guess that the guns coming out of McClung’s shop are just as reliable as his knives. If you’d like to get a pistol from them before the line gets too long, you can email Steve Morrison at steve@harduseguns.com, or you can give them a call at 520-772-3021.

Click here to see photos and info on the "Hard Use" 1911 on the Tactical Forums.

Click here to take a look at the "Hard Use" Hi-Power on the Tactical Forums.

To learn about Schuemann barrels, click here

To go to KKM Precision’s site, Click here


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