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LSS by C-MORE Adds a Little Shotgun to Your Rifle.

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Everyone who knows anything about optical sights, knows the name C-MORE. However, I went to C-MORE’s booth at TREXPO East for one reason, and one reaon only, to view and handle something I had only seen in pictures up to this point. It’s called LSS, and it’s one of the coolest little "accessory" products I’ve seen in awhile. LSS stands for "Lightweight Shotgun System." Basically, it’s a 12 gauge underbarrel-mounted shotgun that is both very lightweight and extremely modern looking. C-More has been developing the LSS in
conjunction with Colt’s Manufacturing Company.

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Remember those weapons the futuristic Marines used in the movie "Aliens"? Well, that’s basically the look we’re talking about. And, here’s the best part. The LSS is box-fed, so it’s capacity is not restricted by it’s length, as is the current "Masterkey" underbarrel shotgun. Magazines are currently available in both 3 and 5 round versions. The receiver of the LSS is aircraft-grade aluminum, which is what keeps the weight down. The LSS’s action is manually operated by a large and easily manipulated bolt handle. After each shot, the operator manually cycles the action as if it were a bolt action rifle, only the bolt handle is on the left side of the weapon, instead of the right. The LSS is also detachable, and can be fitted with a shoulder stock, so it can be carried as an individual weapon on its own. By the way, rumor has it that a 40mm grenade launcher is being developed by the company.

To visit C-More’s website, just click here.

LSS by C-MORE Adds a Little Shotgun to Your Rifle. by

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