Combat Shotgunning Just Got Easier. Knoxx Industries at TREXPO East.

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by David Crane

The folks at Knoxx Industries had a great display at TREXPO East. I think it’s fair to say that when all is said and done, combat shotgun lovers will probably owe Gary Cauble, President of Knoxx Industries, and Jim Bentley, Vice President, a big thank you. Knoxx Industries has come out with two products that are sure to change the way people think about pump combat shotguns.

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First up is the COPstock Folder. Designed for Mossberg, Remington, and Winchester pump-action shotguns, the COPstock is designed to cut actual recoil by over 50% with full 12 ¾" and 3" Magnum loads! That’s not a misprint. Consisting of a proprietary pistol grip/folding wire stock assembly, the COPstock utilizes a sliding spring-action grip to cut all that nasty 12-gauge recoil, and virtually eliminate muzzle flip. The stock itself folds over the top of the receiver, and even while folded, does not interfere with the iron sights. With the COPstock installed, Knoxx reports that one can even fire a 12 guage shotgun comfortably one-handed.

Knoxx’s second very cool product is their Sidewinder Conversion Kit that allows one to turn their shotgun from a tube magazine feed into a drum and box magazine fed weapon. This setup is particularly ideal for tactical and special operations, as it allows for more rounds at the operator’s immediate disposal(with the drum magazine) and faster reloads. It also just plain looks cool. The drum magazine holds 10 rounds, and the box magazine holds 6. Knoxx currently has a center-mount drum magazine in the prototype stage, to go along with their current "snail" 10 rounder. A Mossberg 500 or 590 can be converted without tools. If you have a Remington 870, you’ll have to send it into Knoxx, as there is some minor gunsmithing involved.

Make no mistake, if these two products live up to their billing-that is, if the COPstock indeed reduces recoil by over 50 percent, and the Sidewinder system proves to be as reliable as the factory tube magazine-they are truly revolutionary, especially if they are used in combination. This is not exaggeration. Highly reduced recoil for faster recovery and less flinching, more rounds in the magazine, and much faster reloads. Of course, this last aspect can be mitigated somewhat by an experienced shotgunner who will manually feed new individual rounds into a standard tube magazine during every lull in the action. The box magazine system loses this one advantage. With these products, Knoxx Industries has absolutely changed the game for tactical operators and civilians who depend on the pump shotgun as their primary defensive or offensive weapon.

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Combat Shotgunning Just Got Easier. Knoxx Industries at TREXPO East. by

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