Latest document on AAE Adaptive Camouflage (Cloaking Tech) for Infantry Combat

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by David Crane
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DefenseReview recently received the latest document on the invisibility cloaking technology (i.e. adaptive camouflage a.k.a. electro-optical camouflage a.k.a. optical camouflage a.k.a. active camouflage a.k.a. optoelectronic adaptive camouflage a.k.a. chameleonic camouflage) being developed by Advanced American Enterprises (AAE). The AAE Stealth Technology System (STS) comes in two versions. The first, called Visibility-Stealth, works in the visible light spectrum, while the second, called IR-Stealth, works in the thermal/IR (infrared) and night vision (or, near-infrared a.k.a. near-IR) light spectrums.

The document discusses Hizbollah’s use of night vision equipment (NVE)/night observation devices (NODs) to target and kill two Israeli commandos near Baalback, Lebanon during the 2006 Israeli / Hezbollah conflict. The document implies that the AAE STS cloaking tech could have prevented the the Hizbollah guerillas from effectively targeting the Israeli warfighters, had the Israelis been wearing BDUs (and head coverage) made from STS-treated fabric.

While the document contains some typos, you’ll get the point. Defense Review look forward to seeing a live demonstration of both the "Visibility-Stealth" (visible-light-spectrum cloaking) version of STS in full daylight conditions and the "IR-Stealth" version of STS against an advanced passive-IR / thermal system like that made by FLIR Systems (Forward Looking Infrared Systems). Until then, we must maintain a healthy level of skepticism about the claimed capabilities of the technology.

To download and view the document, just…
Right-Click here and then click on "Save Link As" (Mozilla Firefox) or "Save Target As" (Microsoft Internet Explorer) to download and view the document, titled Israel-Hezbollah and IR Stealth for Personnel & Vehicles.

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Advanced American Enterprises (AAE) can be contacted by phone at 714-287-0490, by fax at 714-870-6385, or by email at

Latest document on AAE Adaptive Camouflage (Cloaking Tech) for Infantry Combat by

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