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Kimber Introduces New ‘Warrior’ 1911 Pistol (Based on ICQB/MCSOCOM Det 1 Pistol)

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by David Crane

DefenseReview has known about the development of this pistol for some time now, but we were politely asked by a Kimber Mil/LE representative not to report anything about it until August 1st. Well, Hilton Yam and some other gentlemen at have just posted information about the new Kimber Custom "Warrior" 1911 pistol, which is the civilian-release version of the Kimber ICQB 1911 pistol created for the Marine Corps’ MCSOCOM Det 1 unit.

So, DefenseReview is now off the hook. Here’s the list of Kimber Warrior 1911 pistol "key features", according to Hilton Yam:…

"Part number 3000125

Series I w/ Kimber rail frame

GI length guide rod and Plug

Internal extractor

Lanyard loop

New Kimber Bumped grip safety. – will look like the Ed Brown

Coyote Brown Gunner grip or similar type G-10 material grip.

New Kimber Wedge Night sight. (Novak style)

New style Kimber ambi safety, utilizing dovetail hammer pin to capture the right side lever

Kimpro polymer finish

7rd. mag w/ pad"

Here’s the direct link to Hilton Yam’s post:;f=56;t=000847

DefenseReview doesn’t have anything to add to what Hilton has posted, at this time.

For the record, DefenseReview recommended to Chris Corino (Kimber’s Mil/Le Manager) many months ago that Kimber offer the ICQB/MCSOCOM Det 1 1911 pistol to civilians, since we much prefer Kimber’s original Series 1 safety system, and the ICQB/MCSOCOM Det. 1 looked like a really nice package.

It’s important to note that unlike the actual ICQB/MCSOCOM Det 1 pistol, the Kimber Warrior 1911 pistol will utilize the same integral frame rail as their Kimber Custom TLE/RL II.

According to Hilton, delivery of the Kimber Custom Warrior 1911 pistol is scheduled to begin in about 90 days. It’s not yet known whether the Kimber Warrior pistol will be a limited-run or full-production gun. Hilton also has this to say about the new gun, "if everything falls together right, this could be THE choice for an out of the box duty grade 1911. I’m very pleased that Kimber is going to proceed with this project, it will be a welcome addition to the light rail 1911 market."

That’s pretty high praise, coming from Hilton Yam.

Kimber Introduces New ‘Warrior’ 1911 Pistol (Based on ICQB/MCSOCOM Det 1 Pistol) by

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