KBP Introduces the PP-2000 SMG/PDW for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Applications

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by David Crane

The Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) out of Tula, Russia recently introduced their PP-2000 SMG/PDW (submachine gun/personal defense weapon) at the Interpolytech-2004 exhibition in Moscow, last year. Intended as either a PDW for non-infantry military personnel or as an close quarters battle (CQB) weapon for military special operations (SPECOPS) units and law enforcement SWAT/SRT teams, the newly-introduced weapon is now available to Mil/LE end-users around the world.

The PP-2000 reportedly weighs approx. 3.3 lbs empty, and is apparently a very simple weapon in terms of the number of parts for reliability, ease-of-maintenance, and cost minimization, and operates via conventional blowback, presumably from the closed-bolt position. The bolt group itself telescopes the rear portion of the barrel, a la UZI. The weapon utilizes a polymer receiver. The charging/cocking procedure for this weapon is interesting since it…

doesn’t utilize a convential right or left-situated charging/cocking handle. Instead, the front portion of the bolt group is exposed above and in-line with the barrel, and is operated by pulling backward on its checkered front face.

The PP-2000 subgun/PDW is chambered foor NATO Std. 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm), and is designed specifically to be able to utilize Russian 9mm 7N31 +P+ AP (armor-piercing/armor penetrating) ammo. The purpose of this specialized ammunition is presumably to combine similar NATO CRISAT body armor-penatration capability with superior stopping power characteristics compared to the FN P90 PDW’s 5.7mm AP round (5.7x28mm cartridge) and the HK MP7A1 PDW’s 4.6mm AP round (4.6x30mm cartridge), both of which will penetrate CRISAT body armor with ease.

DefenseReview is in agreement with "FirstFreedom’s" comments in this TheFiringLine.com (TFL) thread: The sight radius does look awfully short, and the spare mag-as-buttstock indeed does not appear to provide adequate surface area for the shoulder. Also, one has to wonder about the robustness/durability and rigidity of this set-up. A standard side-folding or side-folding or telescoping/retractable stock would be DefRev’s preference.

Click here to view Max Popenker’s "Modern Firearms & Ammunition" page on the PP-2000.

The images accompanying this article are courtesy of "Modern Firearms and Ammunition".

KBP Introduces the PP-2000 SMG/PDW for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Applications by

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