Is There a Problem with Taurus’ PT Millenium Series Autos?

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Taurus was recently honored at the 2002 SHOT Show with the title of Manufacturer of the Year. Normally I would agree with honor as Taurus has seemingly come a long way, and is well know for the best customer service in the industry.

However there is a little issue that is growing that threatens Taurus if Taurus doesn’t do something to correct it.

The problems lay within the PT Millenium series of pistols only… the revolvers are fantastic. If you have a Taurus revolver, you can be confident in it. If you have a PT Millenium series auto… read carefully.
The problems started appearing in the PT111 9mm pistol with the shearing of plastic pins that connect the steel subframe to the polymer outter frame. The pin shearing occurs after a high number of rounds are fired. Soon the 40 cal version started to show this problem as well. These pistols have 3 pins that connect the frames. Take a close look at your pistol and examine these pins.

Now the PT145 has a different problem, but a similar cause. In the 145 pistols, generally at around 600 rounds, some frames have started to crack.

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The cause of these issues lay in the subframe. It extends into the dust cover just a touch too far.
The result is the slide cycling back and impacting the subframe. This hammering does nothing at first, but over time weakens the polymer frame and the results are fractures.

The upside is that Taurus has fantastic customer service and will replace the frames for you.
However that just isn’t quite good enough. The returned guns will still have the same problems as it seems Taurus has done nothing to solve the problem.

The solution is actually very simple, and you yourself or a gunsmith could fix the problem… Cure the desease not just treat the symptoms.
All you need to do is carefully cut back the subframe 1/16th of an inch and affix a small buffer along the front edge of the subframe. This will cussion the impact, reduce the damaging hammering, and even perhaps soften the felt recoil.
This solution is so simple, yet Taurus has not done a thing to correct it. To do so is to admit to the problem.

This reminds me very clearly of Ford and it’s issue with Firestone before "The Issue" was public knowledge. The cracking frames seem to be minimal in terms of hazardous effects, but the shearing pins in the lesser caliber guns is a great concern.

Until Taurus does something to correct the design, I recomend owners stop shooting these handguns ASAP. Seek replacements. Those that are interested in them, DON’T BUY ONE. Regardless of price… pass it up. There are other options that will serve you better that cost the same or less, for example the Charles Daly DDA.

Stay safe, and keep your powder dry. Mad Ogre, OUT.

Click here to visit Taurus USA’s website.


Is There a Problem with Taurus’ PT Millenium Series Autos? by

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