International Cartridge Corporation at TREXPO East

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This is one very interesting company. International Cartridge Corporation has teamed up with Sinterfire to create and produce specialized training and tactical ammunition for SWAT and special operations use. Both types of ammunition utilize powdered metal technology in creating non-jacketed lead-free rounds that can do literally just about anything the customer needs it to do, depending on what needs to be accomplished. Their training ammunition is designed to turn into a fine, non-toxic cloud of dust upon striking a steel popper plate. It is thus ideal even for indoor training scenarios involving steel plates, since there is no splash back and no lead.

Their tactical ammunition, while also non-toxic and incorporating the same powdered metal bullet technology, is SUPREMELY lethal. International Cartridge’s 75gr +P 9mm tactical, nicknamed the “Super Nine”, is designed specifically to allow law enforcement and military operators to penetrate a level IIIa ballistic vest, whether using a pistol or submachine gun. Once the round penetrates the ballistic vest, it continues on into the target, whereupon it breaks apart into hundreds of little jagged pieces of shrapnel that disperse in cone-like fashion to a depth of roughly 8 inches. This action creates a devastating permanent wound channel that, from what this author has witnessed, would probably be unsurvivable, and likely to drop even the most hostile subject extremely quickly. On the bright side, the shootee would not have to worry about lead poisoning. International Cartridge also makes tactical rifle ammunition in 5.56 and .308 that will penetrate two .308 rated bullet-resistant glass panels stacked together! I mention this only to give the reader an idea of what is possible with this new technology. Both the “Super Nine” 9mm round and hard armor penetrating rifle ammunition are highly restricted by the company, and only available to law enforcement agencies and military units.

DefRev has already begun testing the "Super Nine" round, and will be reiporting our results in a future article. DefRev is already extremely impressed with what we’ve seen of this company’s products.

To learn more about the company, click here.

International Cartridge Corporation at TREXPO East by

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