Important Message: Herb Woodend Needs Our Help.

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This just came in to us from a friend of Defense Review, whom we trust. The situation is this: a friend of a friend of ours is in some serious medical trouble, and needs some financial help. If you click on the "Read More" hypertext below, you can read the letter that fully explains the situation. Of course, our members and readers are under absolutely no obligation to help out. We only present this to you so you are at least informed about the situation and have the choice and opportunity to help, if you so wish and are able. If you can, we are sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Again, you must click on the "Read More" hypertext(directly below) to read the letter we received and obtain the necessary information for making a donation. Please take a minute to read it. We appreciate you taking the time.

Here’s what DefRev received:

Jim Dickson
2349 Eastway Road
Decatur, Georgia 30033, USA
Phone I Fax (404) 636-3959

Dear Sir,

We are trying to raise money for a cancer patient whose funds have run out. Herb Woodend, the recently retired curator of the Royal Pattern Room in Nottingham, England who was awarded the MBE by Queen Elizabeth in 1995, has colon cancer. British socialized medicine did not give him good and timely treatment, but decided that at 59 he was too old to spend more money on and sent him home to die. His cancer is curable and his friends got him to the Anderson Cancer clinic in Houston Texas. He has completed his chemotherapy and radiation treatments to shrink the tumor, and will go back for surgery when he is stronger in a few months. The problem is his British health insurance will not cover treatments outside England, Herb has sold virtually everything he has to pay for these treatments and all that he has left is his modest home in £ngland That will be next if we cannot raise more money for these hospital bills. 59 and too weak to work is a bad time to be homeless. A fund has been set up to assist him and we need to get the word out about it We often give our Christian charity money to faceless organizations but this is a chance to see all of it go to one individual with no one else getting anything for salaries or administration costs.

Please make donations payable to:

John P. Wallace / Herb Fund
1296 Worthington Lane
Greenville, N.C. 27858

Herb is staying temporarily with his friend

DoIf Goldsmith
P.O. Box 791870
San Antonio, Texas 78279


Jim Dickson


Important Message: Herb Woodend Needs Our Help. by

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