HEZI SM-1 PDW by Advanced Combat Systems (ACS) Ltd.

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This one’s kind of interesting. It’s another Israeli offering. Basically, it’s classic M1 Carbine meets Tavor-2 subcarbine. At least that’s how it looks. The HEZI SM-1 PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is chambered for the .30 Carbine (7.62x33mm) round which was utilized to mixed effect by troopers in WWII with their M1 Carbines. The HEZI SM-1 PDW is… manufactured and marketed by Advanced Combat Systems (ACS) Ltd.

Remember, since the .30 Carbine round was an FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) round per military requirement, over-penetration and lack of stopping power came with the territory. However, now, since the HEZI SM-1 PDW is designed primarily as an LE SWAT/patrol weapon, modern hollowpoint bullet technology should solve both of the afforementioned deficiencies. Updated .30 Carbine (7.62x33mm) ammo should offer performance equal to or greater than modern .357 magnum ammo.

Back in May, 2003, "MadOgre", one of DefRev’s members, wrote about his interest in the HEZI SM-1 PDW on his own website. In that piece, he discussed his communication with Simcha Edell, CEO of Advanced Combat Systems (ACS) Ltd.. You can read about it here. Here’s what "MadOgre" had to say about the HEZI SM-1 PDW on his site:

"I have been interested in the HEZI SM-1 Personal Defense Weapon ever since I first heard of it. They have a website under construction with little real information on it. So I sent them an email asking a couple questions. “When will a semi-auto version be available for sale in the US for civilians? What is the expected “Suggested Retail” price? The magazines… standard M1 Carbine mags or something different?” To their credit, I was given a response the very next day. “1) We hope to make one available sometime shortly after the summer. It should be legal in most states. 2) Pricing has not yet been set (but it will be more than those cheap "drop-in" Bullpup upgrades, as it is a serious piece of equipment) 3) It will take the standard M1 magazines. Many thanks for your kind interest. Simcha Edell, Advanced Combat Systems Ltd.”

For those that don’t know what this is, it’s basically a modern bullpup version of the M1 Carbine. This is one of those brilliantly obvious forehead slaps “Why wasn’t this done before?” kinda things. Here is why. It is chambered of course, for the .30 Carbine. If your not familiar with .30 Carbine, it hits basically a really hot .357 Magnum… so it has a lot of juice wrapped up in a rimless cartridge capable of being cycled through a select-fire weapon system. (Now, don’t get technical with me, I’m painting it in broad brush strokes so the uninitiated will be able to get an idea of what it is) The .30 Carbine was used in the M1 Carbine of WWII fame. It was a good and solid weapon system used often by paratroopers and infantry officers even thought the purpose of it was supposed to be as a simple to use “Personal Defensive Weapon” to replace the handgun. This shows the M1 Carbine was more effective than it was originally intended to be. Better than planned. The cartridge has lived on since WWII in all different kinds of guns, including automatic handguns. Since it is meant for use in a carbine barreled weapon, when used in a handgun, you get a huge snarlly muzzle flash. It’s great.

The M1 Carbine is on my Must Get list. It’s light, simple, and very easy to handle and make hits with. It’s accuracy varies depending upon the example tested, but generally they are fairly accurate. Enough to hunt deer with and expect regular success. Great gun, great cartridge. It’s on my top 10 favorite rifle list. Now take all those good qualities, and fit it into a tight little compact bullpup chassis. Put on some picatinny rails, shorten it’s length to 26 overall length with a full length barrel (making it 30% shorter than an M1 Carbine) and you have a winning concept. From the factory: “We believe that the result transforms the M1 carbine into a modern PDW-type weapon. It is not merely a minor upgrade. In terms of performance – Israeli police tests concluded that you can get the first accurate shot off quicker; you can get the second and subsequent accurate shots off quicker; and you can switch targets quicker. Also, the shorter length means you can maneuver more easily around vehicles and buildings. Finally, it’s very cool-looking.” I HAVE TO GET ONE."

Here’s what Advanced Combat Systems (ACS) Ltd.’s own company literature says about the HEZI SM-1 PDW:

"INTRODUCING: the HEZI™ SM-1 Personal Defense Weapon The HEZI™ SM-1 is Israel’s newest street-legal PDW (personal defense weapon). This meticulously engineered CQB rifle meets uncompromising Israeli police safety, accuracy, reliability and ballistic requirements.
Designed for modern law enforcement scenarios, this remarkable M1 carbine retrofit costs only 1/3rd of competitive firearms! Where a fast & accurate short rifle is needed out to 150 yards, but value for money is critical. The new HEZI™ SM-1 enables immediate, accurate response to unexpected situations: · Shortens target acquisition time dramatically – 30% improvement! · Swift transfer from one target to another – 50% gain compared to full-length rifle! · Significantly improves hitting a moving target while shooter in motion THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE LIGHT RIFLE ON THE MARKET!

Let Israel-based Advanced Combat Systems Ltd. retrofit your stock of military issue M1 .30 carbines to be a sleek, powerful 21st century firearm at a fraction of the cost of a new weapon. The HEZI™ SM-1: fast, accurate… and fun. Rigorously tested and approved for use by the Israeli police force . — Internationa distributors/wholesalers sought — for law enforcement, security, special forces, and personal defense markets Advanced Combat Systems (ACS) Ltd.: an innovative Israeli engineering, manufacturing and marketing firm.
We have carried out a range of weapon system development projects on behalf of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and the Israel police. Advanced Combat Systems (ACS) Ltd. 3 Erez St., POBox 1131, Even Yehuda 40500 ISRAEL."

The HEZI SM-1 PDW concept is interesting, but DefRev isn’t sure how much LE SWAT/patrol demand there is in this country for a .30 Carbine shoulder weapon. That said, the HEZI SM-1 PDW would most likely prove to be extremely effective if it’s deployed/employed at CQB/Urban Warfare ranges with modern hollowpoints–assuming of course that the gun proves to be reliable. Reliability in any combat weapon is paramount.

Individuals and agencies interested in learning more about the HEZI SM-1 Personal Defense Weapon should contact Simcha Edell via email at [email protected].

HEZI SM-1 PDW by Advanced Combat Systems (ACS) Ltd. by

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