‘Future Weapons’ Features Dragon Skin Flexible Scalar Body Armor and M32 MGL

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by David Crane
david at defensereview.com

January 31, 2007

The latest episode of the Discovery Channel series FutureWeapons (a.k.a. Future Weapons), titled The Protectors, features Pinnacle Armor, Inc.’s Dragon Skin body armor (flexible hard armor/scalar armor system) and the Milkor USA, Inc. M32 MGL (Multiple shot Grenade Launcher a.ka. Multiple Grenade Launcher), two technologies that DefenseReview has already covered.

Our readers may remember that DefenseReview was the first publication to write about…

Dragon Skin scalar body armor (flexible hard armor system) in any kind of substantive detail. We also published the very first information on (and photos of) the Milkor USA, Inc. MGL-140 multiple grenade launcher (and MEI enhanced-lethality and other specialized 40mm ammo), from which the Milkor USA M32 MGL was developed. We were subsequently one of the first news outlets to publish information on the M-32 MGL, itself.
It should be noted that our very first article on Dragon Skin was actually published on October 10, 2001, after we met Murray Neal, Pinnacle Armor’s CEO, and saw the technology for the first time at TREXPO East 2001, which took place a few weeks before 9/11.

And, as it happens, to our knowledge, we were also the first publication to cover the Accuracy International (AI) AS50 Semi-Auto .50 BMG Anti-Materiel/Sniper Rifle (published on February 05, 2005), which FutureWeapons featured in its previous episode titled Search and Destroy. We also published a subsequent piece with photos we took of the AS50 at SHOT Show 2005.

Anyway, DefenseReview highly recommends that you check out both episodes of the show (Future Weapons). However, we especially recommend that you watch The Protectors episode to see why Pinnacle Armor’s Dragon Skin is currently, hands down, the most advanced and effective (i.e. the best) anti-rifle body armor in the world, and Milkor USA’s M32 MGL is one of the most devastating and effective infantry small arms / light weapons on the planet.

Company Contact Info:

Pinnacle Armor, Inc.
5425 E. Home Ave. #104
Fresno, CA 93727
800-200-0915 Toll Free
559-320-1221 Office
559-320-1229 Fax

Sales Info

tech@pinnaclearmor.com Technical Info

Milkor USA, Inc.

Milkor USA, Inc.
3735 N. Romero Rd.Suite 2M
Tucson, AZ 85705
520-888-0203 Office

520-888-0122 Fax


To clarify, DefenseReview highly recommends that our readers check out all the episodes of the Discovery Channel series Future Weapons that have aired so far on both the Discovery Channel and the Military Channel, as they have been rerunning the episodes on both channels, especially on the Military Channel. It’s a good show.

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‘Future Weapons’ Features Dragon Skin Flexible Scalar Body Armor and M32 MGL by

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