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As I sat there listening to Rick Demilt, Director of Law Enforcement Sales and Marketing for FN Herstal USA, at the company’s corporate presentation at Shot Show 2002, I immediately realized that FN Herstal is on an absolute warpath to literally take over the law enforcement and military markets of the free world. This is not an exaggeration. The company’s focus on this goal borders on the maniacal, and I have a feeling it’s going to really pay off for them over the long term. This author has never before seen this many new and interesting law enforcement/military products introduced at the same time by a firearms manufacturer, period–including Heckler and Koch.

A perfect example of this, in microcosm, is FNH’s new .50 BMG compact bolt-action sniper rifle they are calling "Nemesis".

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Weighing in at an extremely light(for the caliber) 24-28 pounds(depending on barrel configuration), and featuring modular aircraft-grade aluminum construction, 5-round detachable box magazine, fully adjustable bipod, adjustable ground spike on the buttstock, and a 27.6" fluted barrel w/integral muzzle brake, the Nemesis .50 BMG modular rifle alone demonstrates what separates FNH from the competition. Credit for the design of the rifle goes to Jim Owens of the Crucible Training Center, a.k.a. Crucible Security Specialists. Jim is a former military long-range interdiction specialist, i.e. sniper, and is in charge of sniper training at the Crucible. He is also the new Deputy Director for Precision Weapons Development & Training for FNH USA, since FNH has teamed up with the Crucible Training Center for all training related to their product line. Jim designed the Nemesis from the ground up to be the best compact .50 BMG sniper rifle in the world for Special Operations. Actual production of the rifle is performed by FNH’s other partner in crime(so to speak), PGM Precision, who makes all of FN’s advanced modular sniper rifles.

The modular construction of Nemesis is unique in that it allows individual components to be added and removed without affecting other components on the weapon system. Thus an operator in the field can modify and configure the rifle to his specific needs according to the mission profile. The Nemesis is designed to effectively engage both human and materiel targets at distances ranging between 500 and 1,000 yards. When one first sees this rifle in person, it is instantly obvious that it is one badass piece of military hardware. The rifle just plain looks nasty, and all business. I’ll put it to you this way, Arnold Schwarzenneger would be proud to feature one of these in a sequal to "Predator".

DefRev believes FNH has a very bright future, based on the company’s single-minded focus in supplying law enforcement and military operators with weapon systems that will enable them to deal with future small scale conflicts more effectively around the globe. We also believe that FNH has made a significant leap forward in long-range interdiction tools with the Nemesis .50 BMG. Hopefully, Nemesis will also be available to civilian heavy-caliber enthusiasts in the not-too-distant future. Unfortunately, DefRev does not currently have any photos of Nemisis, since FNH USA hasn’t released any yet. However, as soon as we can, we’ll put ’em up. So stay tuned.

To visit FN Herstal USA’s website, click on this link.

If you’d like to learn more about the Crucible Training Center, click here.

Click on this link to visit PGM Precision’s website.

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