FERFRANS Rate Reduction System (RRS) and Special Weapons for Tactical Operators

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by David Crane

FERFRANS Specialties
is currently producing and marketing a proprietary cyclic rate reducer for AR1-15/M16-based select-fire rifles, carbines, and subcarbines (including the M4/M4A1 Carbine). It’s called the FERFRANS "Rate Reduction System", or "RRS". According to MilitaryMorons.com (MM), the FERFRANS Rate Reduction System (RRS) reduces the full-auto (FA) cyclic rate, or rate of fire (ROF) on any AR-15/M16 variant, M4/M4A1 Carbine included, to the mid 500’s (rpm’s).

Reducing the full-auto (FA) cyclic rate of an AR-15/M16-variant select-fire rifle or M4/M4A1 carbine (or CQBR-format subcarbine) also reduces felt-recoil affects (when the weapon is fired on full-auto), as there are less recoil impulses (i.e. less recoil energy) generated over the same period of time. The FERFRANS Rate Reduction System (RRS), combined with an effective muzzle brake (like a Smith muzzle brake), can have a profound effect on…

full-auto (FA) controllability. Recoil-attenuation, a.k.a. recoil-mitigation, on full-auto (FA) is important for dynamic CQB (Close Quarters Battle), since it results in more hits on target, and getting hits on targets is what counts, in combat (including urban warfare environments).

How the FERFRANS Rate Reduction System (RRS) accomplishes such a significant cyclic rate/rate-of-fire (ROF) reduction is not yet known, but we plan on interviewing FERFRANS’ owner, a gentleman named Ferdie, in short order, to find out. We also want to find out more about the various weapon systems that they have been supplying to the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police, and several U.S. SWAT/SRT teams.

MilitaryMorons.com reports that most of the weapons systems that FERFRANS has supplied to U.S. law enforcement agencies, so far, are an M4/M4A1 Carbine variant (5.56x45mm) called the "SOAR", or "Special Operations Assault Rifle". FERFRANS also markets 2 5.56x45mm CQB subcarbine variants of the M16 that they call the FERFRANS PDW 8 (Personal Defense Weapon 8) and FERFRANS PDW 6. Some of the uses FERFRANS lists for this 5.56mm CQB subcarbine/PDW are internal security missions, airport security, executive protection–presumably including military PSD (Personal Security Detachment) work–and military and law enforcement (LE) Special Operations (SPECOPS).

The FERFRANS PDW 8 and PDW 6 are essentially modified/customized M2 Corporation (M2 Corp.) M16SP’s (8.34" barrel) and M16C’s (6" barrel), respectively. The FERFRANS PDW’s utilize special "Super Helix" barrels, which are treated with a "BFNC³™ XFR" process, also known as "carbonite". BFNC³™ XFR/carbonite is a proprietary "hardline" process which becomes part of the metal and increases the barrel’s hardness to a minimum of 70 Rockwell C, inside and out. BFNC³™ XFR/carbonite-treated Super Helix Barrels, according to the FERFRANS website, "demonstrate a dramatic increase in strength and service life" and "produce greater accuracy and higher velocities". FERFRANS goes on to say the the Super Helix Barrel rifling profile /BFNC³™ XFR (carbonite) process combo reduces friction, "provides for an improved gas seal and positive projectile torque", and that the "aerodynamic surface of barrel will not gouge and tear the bullet jacket like traditional cut-rifled barrels.

FERFRANS Specialties also markets a 5.56mm short-to-medium-range interdiction/sniper rifle called the FERFRANS D.M.R., or "Designated Marksman Rifle" (DMR). Click here to see view the specs on the FERFRANS D.M.R., or "Designated Marksmen Rifle" (DMR). FERFRANS includes a note on their DMR spec sheet that recommends a 1:9" barrel twist for 5.56mm bullets weight 55 grains to 69 grains, and a 1:8" barrel twist for bullets weighing 70 to 77 grains.

MilitaryMorons.com has T&E’d the FERFRANS Rate Reduction System (RRS). Here are a few pics from that session (you’ll have to type "mm" into the username and password boxes to view them):

In the picture above, notice the DOCTERsight red dot sight mounted on top of the primary optical sight. The DOCTERsight is manufactured by The DOCTER Company (a branch of Analytik Jena AG in Eisfeld, Germany), and marketed here in the U.S. by DOCTER Sports Optics.

Here’s what MilitaryMorons.com had to say about the FERFRANS Rate Reduction System (RRS):

"I was contacted by Ferdie from FERFRANS who provides weapons system to the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police, and some U.S. SWAT teams. FERFRANS selects off-the-shelf M-16 components from manufacturers like Bushmaster and A.R.M.S. and puts together packages tailored for use in the Philippines. However, some U.S. law enforecement agencies are taking interest and have purchased some of their systems – mostly their M4 variant called the SOAR. They also offer a Designated Marksman Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and PDW (ultra short M2 M-16’s for CQB and close protection). The thing that sets their weapons apart from all others is their proprietary/patented RRS (Rate Reduction System). I signed a non-disclosure agreement, so all I can say is that IT WORKS. Extremely well. I was very impressed with it. Any M-16 variant can utilize their system and the ROF will be reduced from about 800 down to the mid 500’s. I brought along my M4 upper with KAC MRE and LMT SOPMOD carrier to function test it on FA (I had only fired it on semi up till now). I also had a Beta C-Mag and a Chinese 120 round drum, which I had modified slightly to function. Chinese drums haven’t had a good repuatation for reliability, and mine was no different, not even functioning on semi. A little bit of filing and smoothing out burrs here and there and it now runs like a champ. Ferdie brought along a couple of his M4s (14.5 and 11.5 barrels), and a couple of M2 Corp ultra-shortys (6 and 8.4" barrels). He also had a Bushmaster Carbon pistol upper to test. I shot about 500 rounds through all the guns there, using the Beta C-mag, Chinese drum and standard 30 rnd GI mags, all on FA. The RRS enabled me to fire singles and doubles with ease. The combination of lower cyclic rate and Smith muzzle brakes made all the weapons amazingly controllable and easy to keep on target. No muzzle jump/climb whatsoever. Even the ultra-shorties. I smoked 100 rounds through the Beta with my upper, and then tried his RRS. The slower ROF didn’t heat the gun up as quickly and the difference in control was immediate. The piece of crap Chinese drum functioned flawlessly, while the expensive Beta mag had some problems with the ultra compacts. The LMT SOPMOD carrier and bolt also functioned without a hitch. The Bushmaster Carbon pistol upper would not function even on semi. A definite no-go. Anyone who uses an M16 would benefit from the FERFRANS RRS. However, they sell only complete systems to Military/Law Enforcement only, not to civilians, at this time, so it is unavailable to the general shooting public.

10/9/04 – Went out with Ferdie to demo the rate reducer to a not-so-local SWAT team out in the desert. Had a great time burning up some ammo with some real nice guys, including officer JT, who had initally contacted me about some gear questions. They also brought out a Ranger Body Armour plate that we shot at – check out the pics here. Thanks to officer JT and his team for being such accomodating hosts."

Click here to view the actual MilitaryMorons.com page where the FERFRANS Rate Reduction System (RRS) is discussed.

The following information comes from the FERFRANS Specialties "About Us" page:

"Criminal elements and terrorists in the Philippines are using urban guerilla tactics with assault weapons that vary from M16A1, AK47, M203 Grenade Launchers, targeting urban centers in brazen broad daylight.

The standard rifle of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and the Philippine National Police (PNP) is the M16A1, which have been in service since the 70’s. The challenges that the AFP and the PNP faced then have completely changed. Today’s Filipino soldier and policeman have to deal with multiple threats from the communist NPA, muslim insurgents, muslim terrorist, both local and foreign, while at the same time maintaining a deterrent posture against foreign aggressors.

These factors, plus the inherent problem of the M16A1 rifle of overheating, malfunctions, and uncontrollability did not only make the M16A1 rifle inadequate but also put the AFP and the PNP at a disadvantage.

It is therefore imperative that a new special weapon coupled with more advance tactics be made available to the military and police force to level away these threats."


Here’s what the FERFRANS website has to say about the FERFRANS Special Operations Assault Rifle (SOAR):

"FERFRANS developed the Special Operations Assault Rifle (SOAR) to answer to the needs of the AFP and the PNP today and in the near future. The SOAR incorporates the modifications and improvements to the M16A1, A2, M4 that will, among things, ensure enhanced reliability, accuracy, firepower, zero retention, ergonomics/man machine interface, a reduced cyclic rate, and an increased service life.

It uses a heavy machine gun barrel for sustained firing to produce a sub-machine gun with a high power caliber. The FERFRANS SOAR uses a unique patented rate reduction system (FERFRANS RRS) that reduces the cyclic rate of fire regardless of barrel length. Therefore, 2 or 3 burst capabilities can be attained by the simple controlling of the squeeze on the trigger. No more need for the 3-round burst mechanism. " Shooter should control the weapon, not the weapon controlling the shooter." The combination of the low cyclic rate, a compensator, and Selective Integrated Rail (S.I.R.) with vertical foregrip permits sustained automatic fire with no muzzle climb, making the weapon extremely controllable capable of OVERWHELMING, ACCURATE, FIREPOWER.

It also promotes parts longevity.

The FERFRANS SOAR is the answer to all the combat needs, in the field of weaponry for law enforcement and military units in the Philippines and around the globe. Due to its extremely controllable full auto fire feature, accuracy is enhanced and risks of hitting innocent lives during combat are being eliminated. A must, in this highly litigious society of law enforcement. Marksmanship is also enhanced even with limited resources for practice.

It will provide substantial improvement in performance and accuracy over current SMGs and will standardize supply, maintenance, and training support. It will greatly simplify logistics equation and marksmanship training."

Click here to visit the SOAR Overview page at the FERFRANS website.

The following is the overview on the FERFRANS D.M.R. and optional FERFRANS Muzzle Brake Suppressor Model 15 (also from the FERFRANS website):

"The concept of the FERFRANS Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) is to equip the police patrol officer or the inner-perimeter tactical officer with a rifle that can be rapidly deployed, fast handling, and deliver quick and accurate shots.

The FERFRANS DMR was designed to fill the void for a multiple-role rifle in the Philippines. The police patrol officer and the inner-perimeter tactical SWAT officer have similar requirements when it comes to rifle selection. In situations where a deranged gunman or a drug crazed addict threatening hostages, considering their unpredictability, waiting for a SWAT team to be established might be too late. Therefore the patrol officer must have a tactical rifle capable of making an accurate shot to incapacitate the correct target in close proximity to hostages and bystanders. At the same time, in situations where SWAT is deployed in a hostage rescue situation, sniper initiated entry, covert entry, counter sniping, etc., a rifle is needed to deliver quick accurate shots at moderate ranges, fast handling, allow multiple-target or follow-up shots, and can be stowed even in confined spaces of patrol cars.



The practically maintenance free Model 15 was initially designed for the new Special Project Receiver (SPR) that is currently under development for very elite U.S. Military Groups. The Patented Model 15 MBS is adaptable to all FERFRANS weapon systems. It is a quick connect type and is using a single port that is designed to eliminate recoil, muzzle climb and will divert the muzzle gases slightly forward away from the shooter. The design eliminates up-ward and downward blast. The Muzzle Brake (MB) threads onto the barrel, and is threaded on the outside with a 22mm X 1mm thread that will accept the suppressor."

There’s one more weapon that the FERFRANS Specialties website has information on. It’s a 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) sniper rifle based on the Savage 10 action, called the FERFRANS T.S.R., or FERFRANS Tactical Sniper Rifle (TSR). Here’s the overview on the TSR-1 from the FERFRANS website:

"The kidnapping and beheading of hostages by the Abu Sayyaf has placed the Philippines at the forefront of every news around the world. It has sowed terror to both foreigners and citizens alike. Beheading their hostages if their demands are not met, indicates that these terrorists are becoming more bold and barbaric. These foreign-trained terrorists with modern weaponry have changed the face of terrorism in the Philippines. Although the Counter Terrorist (CT) units in the Philippines has cross-trained with excellent CT units in Europe and the United States, it is ill-equipped to meet the changing demands of hostage rescue. In Situations where hostile and hostages are in close proximity to each other, it is imperative that not only the CT operator be able to, but the equipment be capable of surgical-like precision to eliminate the hostile threat.

Therefore, FERFRANS developed the TSR-1. The TSR-1 uses the Savage10 action. Attached to the action is a heavy match grade 22-inch “bull” barrel. This button-rifled barrel features a recessed target crown to protect the rifling at the muzzle. The laser-etched bolt is coated in black titanium nitride for outmost in smoothness and corrosion resistance. The bolt handle is enlarged for ease in follow-up shots. The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The stock is a high-tech, skeletonized, pistol grip design to enhance accuracy and usability. This stock was designed by Major John Plaster, author of the “Ultimate Sniper” who is probably the most experienced and successful sniper during the Vietnam War. Length of pull, cheekpiece and butt plate are fully adjusted permitting the small statured Filipino to a personalized fit. The forend of the stock has a sliding T-bar for accessories. A Harris bipod is mounted on the FERFRANS TSR-1. This bipod is extremely sturdy, spring loaded, adjustable legs for easy deployment and carry as well as rapid adjustment on the target. The forend also has slots for attachment of camouflage material. The FERFRANS TSR-1 features a 4 shot internal box magazine. A special trigger is installed to achieve a 3.5 lbs. pull. The TSR-1 uses a Shepherd 310 P2 scope. This scope is guaranteed that adjustments and tracking are 100% accurate 100% of the time. It has a unique dual reticle system, it permits one-shot zeroing, dead-on holding to extreme range with any high velocity load, windage and elevation adjustments are accurate because you can visually verify them as they take place, an aiming point that stays on dead zero throughout the complete magnification range, parallax-elimination, and a quick and easy way to adapt for wind without loosing the basic zero. It is simple to operate and near soldier proof requiring minimum training, within a few minutes, to learn to operate the device effectively. The operator needs to know ballistics, trajectories or bullet calculations. It may be sighted in with one shot at 100 yards and with no further adjustments can be fired at all other ranges up to and including 1,000 yards providing for immediate target engagement at maximum and intermediate ranges.

Another specialized feature of the FERFRANS TSR-1 is the Muzzle Brake Suppressor (MBS). The sound attenuation of the MBS is 40dB at 96 feet in front of the weapon without affecting accuracy and velocity. Felt recoil is reduced considerably and flash suppression is 100%. It requires little or no maintenance.

FERFRANS TSR-1 is a truly high-end tactical sniper rifle that will perform with utmost precision increasing the capabilities of the Philippines Counter Terrorist units in combating global terrorism."

DefenseReview looks forward to interviewing Ferdie (of FERFRANS Specialties) as soon as possible. It looks like they’re building some very interesting things, over there, to say the least.

You can contact FERFRANS Specialties by phone at 626-893-8155 (office address number) or 909-599-8094 (mailing address number), or via email at info@ferfrans.net. Here’s their address info:


2649 E. Valley Blvd., Suite D
West Covina, CA 91792 , USA

Mailing Address:

214 Calle Moreno
San Dimas, 91773 CA, USA

For more information on the DOCTERsight red dot sight, contact DOCTER Sports Optics at 702-294-3056, or toll-free at 800-456-9182. You can also reach them by email at info@docteropticsusa.com.

FERFRANS Rate Reduction System (RRS) and Special Weapons for Tactical Operators by

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