DR Heads-Up: Jason Falla of Redback One (RB1) Combat Training Systems Conducting Advanced Hostage Rescue Course at ITI Training in West Point, VA

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

Photo(s) Credit: Redback One (RB1)

September 1, 2011

DefenseReview (DR) has been informed that dynamic tactical Australian sensation, Jason Falla of Redback One (RB1) Combat Training Systems, will be conducting a very cool 5-day Advanced Hostage Rescue Course for law enforcement (and military?) personnel at International Training, Inc. (ITI Training) (West Point, VA Facility) starting on a date that’s yet to be determined in the not-too-distant future. Mr. Falla is a very knowledgeable and interesting tactical instructor/tactical shooting instructor, so DR would very much like to attend this course, ourselves, if we can. We were immediately impressed with Mr. Falla upon meeting and speaking with him at SHOT Show 2011. He’s a personable, intelligent and highly-analytical instructor who’s results-driven, not ego-driven, and we like that.

Anyway, here are the particulars on the RedBack One (RB1) Advanced Hostage Rescue Course, from the company:

Redback One (RB1) Advanced Hostage Rescue Course


This course is designed to teach tactical law enforcement officers the tactics, techniques and procedures of advanced hostage rescue. This course will be taught by all former Tier-1 members of Australian and U.S Army Special Operations. [Redback One] RB1 instructor cadre are some of the most knowledgeable trainers in the country in Hostage Rescue with over 20 years of experience. All instructors have extensive real world operational experience.

Students will be constantly assessed and coached throughout the course in the following areas: safety, teamwork, leadership and individual skills on the range and in the house.

Students must be prepared to work extended hours and some evenings to ensure that all competencies and learning objectives are met.

This course is held at the ITI Training Facility, located in West Point, Virginia. (40 mins East of Richmond, 60 mins North of Norfolk, Virginia.) ITI has multiple tactical ranges and 3,400 sq/ft, 10 room, 360 degree ballistic shoot house. All weapons, ammunition and equipment can purchased or rented through Redback One.

Simmunition FX marking cartridges are utilized for periods of this course. Students are encouraged to bring department issued Sim weapons. (Sim weapons are be available for rent through RB1).

On the completion of this course, each student will receive a certificate of completion and a certificate of accomplishment that details the learning objectives and competencies met during the course.

All students will be vetted prior to attending this course by supplying a copy of current LE credentials to RB1 administrative staff.



1. Demonstrate weapons handling proficiency.
2. Successfully complete live fire weapons proficiency validation (IAW RB1
3. Display situational awareness as an assault team member.
4. Demonstrate leadership within a tactical environment.
5. Employ close quarters battle room combat techniques.
6. Participate in live fire multi-room combat practice in a darkened environment as
part of an assault team.
7. Employ combative techniques as required in tactical environment.
8. Employ barrier penetration techniques including manual and ballistic MOE.
9. Communicate effectively as part of a tactical team.
10. Assist in tactical operational planning and intelligence gathering.
11. Apply PPE as required during simulated CS gas deployment training.


1. Equipment & Weapon Selection
2. Principles of Close Quarters Battle and
Hostage Rescue
3. CQB Tactical Shooting Package
4. Approach Techniques
5. Multi-Team & Multi-Entry Points
6. Room Combat Techniques
7. Planning Considerations
8. Emergency & Deliberate Assaults
9. Staging Area Routine
10. Vehicle Assaults
11. Internal Movement, Communication & Limits
of Exploitation
12. Handling Hostages, Suspects & Detainees.
13. Use of Noise Flash Diversionary Devices
14. Manual & Ballistic Breaching Techniques
15. Assaulting through Gas and Smoke.
16. Low Light Assaults Using White Light
17. Intro to Silent Entry Techniques using NVG’s
and Lasers

MINIMUM EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: Carbine/Subgun, Pistol, Shotgun (opt), Magazines, Assault Equipment, Sling, Helmet, Weapon Mounted Lights, Belt, Holster, Combat Uniform, Assault Boots, Gas Mask, Ear Protection, NVG/Laser (If issued).

AMMUNITION: Carbine – 1000 rounds, Pistol – 500 rounds

DATES: Dates will be supplied after a training request has been submitted. RB1 will attempt to secure the agencies preferred training dates.

DURATION: 5 Days (50 hrs)

LOCATION: International Training Inc (ITI) West Point, Virginia

PRICE: $995.00


If you would like to book this course for your department or send personnel to this course, please contact our Sales & Training Coordinator to discuss your departmental requirements.

Email: Giselle@redbackone.com
Phone: +1 757-318-1024

Defense Review will publish an update on this once we receive a solid date window from Mr. Falla/Redback One. So, stay tuned!

DR Heads-Up: Jason Falla of Redback One (RB1) Combat Training Systems Conducting Advanced Hostage Rescue Course at ITI Training in West Point, VA by

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