Defense Distributed (DD) Ghost Gunner Desktop CNC-Mill: Home-CNC-Machine Your Own AR-15 (Upper and Lower Receivers)…Automatically! (Video!)

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By David Crane
[email protected]

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October 2, 2014
Last updated on 10/08/14.

If this thing works as advertised, and doesn’t spin itself apart, it’s a GAME CHANGER. Yesterday, DefenseReview (DR) received a video on the Ghost Gunner home “desktop” CNC mill from Defense Distributed (DD) via email, and we just had to smile. The Ghost Gunner represents the latest very significant step in the democratization of firearms manufacturing/machining, and at least partial liberation of people from having to rely on others to make their firearms (or any other handheld tool, for that matter) for them. I say “partially”, because the Ghost Gunner, brought to you by the good folks at Defense Distributed , still requires that the user start with a partially-machined/unfinished/”80-percent” AR-15 lower receiver, and just finishes the machining job for you, automatically, creating what anti-gun politicians cal a “Ghost Gun”.

The embedded Ghost Gunner video below is pretty eye-opening AND irreverant, in that it rather humorously and blatantly mocks the hyperbolic fear-mongering of anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment California Democrat politicians railing against unfinished AR lowers, jumping back and forth between the fear-mongering statements and the Ghost Gunner machine doing its ballistic thing. Assuming the Ghost Gunner is legit, it has the potential to be epic in both it’s practical and political effects, at least until Democrats can take back control of Congress to (try to) ban it.

However, there’s a problem with that (attempting a ban), as both the Second Amendment, current U.S. law regarding manufacturing firearms for personal use (and not resale), the current pro-Second Amendment political climate, and current pro-tactical firearm cultural phenomenon would all appear to combine to create quite the impedement to such a ban, at least at the federal level.

Defense Distributed’s main guy, at least on camera, is Cody Wilson, who’s quickly becoming a lot of people’s favorite “crypto-anarchist”/freedom fighter. Wilson is essentially a real-life techno-geek version of “V” (from “V for Vendetta”), only without the mask or the violence. Wilson is the real deal. He’s the modern face of the crypto-anarchy and techno-democracy, a white, 21st-Century Martin Luther King Jr. of techno-equality and true freedom for all people. Think techno-King. Further, he knows how to use video and the ultimate technological instrument of freedom, the internet, for maximum PR effect. He’s a true internet-communications badass. Oh, and he’s seemingly fearless and relentless, to boot. He’s like a one-man techno-Borg operation. He just keeps coming with new techno-anarchic/democratic hardware ahead of fascistic politicians’ repeated attempts to maintain control over technology. Resistance is futile, and the Ghost Gun riseth.

The only caveat to Wilson is that his in-your-face style is so dynamic and confrontational that DR is forced to be a bit cynical and entertain the possibility that Wilson is an anti-gun, leftist acting as an agent for (anti-gun, leftist) Democrats to give them a “reason” to try to ban unfinished/80% AR lower receivers, essentially making him a black-flag operative. Defense Review certainly hopes that’s not the case, and that Cody is genuinely pro-gun/pro-freedom.

The DD Ghost Gunner is just the latest example of gun-manufacturing democracy tech/hardware, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

ars technica has a nice piece on the Ghost Gunner that they just published today. We recommend you check it out, right after you watch the Ghost Gunner promo video, below. Enjoy:

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Defense Distributed (DD) Ghost Gunner Desktop CNC-Mill: Home-CNC-Machine Your Own AR-15 (Upper and Lower Receivers)…Automatically! (Video!) by

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