Custom Glock by Custom Arms(CAC)

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Pete Carber, of Custom Arms Company, Inc.(CAC), built a special custom Glock 22 for an American Handgunner article that appeared in the May/June 2001 issue. The article was written by Andy Stanford. The custom G22 was built using a Caspian slide, Bar-Sto match barrel, Lightning Strike’s aluminum trigger and skelotonized firing pin, and MMC sites. Carber also performed one of his custom non-skid texturing jobs on the grip. He also gave the mag-well his proprietary "Coliseum” treatment, making quick magazine changes even quicker.

I’ve actually handled this gun(although I didn’t have the opportunity to fire it), and was particularly impressed with the trigger action. The Lightning Strikes trigger, combined with the 3.5 lb connector, makes for a short, light, and crisp pull, that’s pretty sweet. The texturing job is real "grippy".

To see the American Handgunner article on the CAC custom G22, click on this link.

Custom Glock by Custom Arms(CAC) by

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