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Condor Draw-Down Waist Pack (DDWP) GEN II for Concealed Carry (CCW) and Travel!

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David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

September 9, 2019

Condor Outdoor Products recently sent DefenseReview (DR) information on their new Draw-Down Waist Pack GEN II, or DDWP GEN II. The Condor DDWP GEN II, made from durable nylon, is designed to carry a holstered pistol and magazines (in pouches) concealed in the main compartment via a large structured hook and loop panel. There’s also a front zippered compartment for carrying small items and tools, money, credit cards, passport, etc. Think of it as a well-designed and made concealed carry/travel pack. There’s even a sleek hypalon panel on the front for mounting additional stuff, as well as a hook and loop flap that “can be quickly deployed for rapid identification (as a CCW or law enforcement officer).

Oh, and you can wear the Condor Draw-Down Waist Pack GEN II in multiple ways, on the custom quick-release waist belt it comes with, on your own belt, or on yur plate carrier/vest. It’s your call.

So far, Defense Review just has some photos and the preliminary information we received below on Condor DDWP GEN II, but it’s enough to give you the idea.

The following information on the Condor Draw-Down Waist Pack comes directly from Condor Outdoor Products:

“Draw-Down Waist Pack

The unique Draw-Down Waist Pack brought up by Condor Outdoor Products is composed of durable nylon material. This waist pack can be attached to your plate carrier/chest rig with its hook-and-loop panel, or can be worn traditionally with its included custom quick-release waist belt. One may also choose to mount it on their own belt via 2x hook-and-loop mounting straps on the rear.

The front of the Draw-Down Pack features a sleek hypalon panel for custom attachments. The front zipper closure pocket provides optimal storage space for small everyday items or tools. The storage pocket also features a hook-and-loop flap that can be quickly deployed for rapid identification. The main compartment includes a zipper closure with a large structured hook-and-loop platform for holsters and magazine pouches.

The rear side of this waist pack includes an additional zipper closure pocket for any essentials needed. The Draw-Down Waist Pack by Condor Outdoor Products is back in style, and more efficient than ever.

Large Hook-and-Loop Panel
The main compartment features a rigid hook-and-loop panel essential for holsters and magazine pouches.

Custom Waist Belt
This pack includes a custom quick-release waist belt allowing for multiple carry options to ensure optimal function.

Identification Panel
The front pocket features flip-out styled hook and loop panel for personalization and identification.”

Company Contact Info:

Condor Outdoor Products
5268 Rivergrade Road
Irwindale, CA 91706
Phone: 1-800-552-2554
Fax: 1-626-303-3383
Email : [email protected]

Condor Elite
Toll-free: 888.508.1792
Email Contact Page:

Covered 6 LLC
780 Chambers Lane, Suite 210
Simi Valley, California 93065
Phone: 805.926.2055
Email Contact Page:

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All embedded (DR) photos and videos were shot with an Apple iPhone 6s Plus smartphone still/video camera.

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Condor Draw-Down Waist Pack (DDWP) GEN II for Concealed Carry (CCW) and Travel! by

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