Colt Defense Launches Colt Tactical Carbines/Rifles for Civilian Tactical Shooters at SHOT Show 2010: Tactical Guns Accessorized for Intensive Tactical Training

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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February 2, 2010

Colt Defense just introduced its new Colt Tactical line of semi-auto-only tactical AR (AR-15) carbines and rifles at SHOT Show 2010. The new Colt Tactical carbines/rifles are designed to provide civilian tactical shooters with carbine and rifle packages that they can take right from the box, mount a combat optic on it, and go right out and train/shoot in the most arduous tactical training courses and events with maximum reliability and modularity. The Colt Tactical guns displayed at the Colt booth at SHOT Show 2010 were prototype versions of the weapons, not production guns.

While the initial Colt Tactical carbines are based on the law enforcement (LE) series carbine configurations (LE6940 monolithic rail platform carbine, LE6920 M4/M4A1-config carbine, and a LE6520-type “pencil barrel” lightweight barrel model config, respectively), they’re upgraded with some of the latest, most advanced and compatible tactical AR accessories. The Colt Tactical guns will feature different rollmarks than the LE series guns.

The specific accessory brands/models aren’t yet set in stone, but the preliminary accessories shown on the display Colt Tactical guns include the new Vltor iMOD stock (buttstock), Centurion Arms free-float Mil-Std-1913 “Picatinny” quad rail system/forend rail tube/tactical handguard (8.5 oz), Bravo Company Mfg./Vltor Weapons Systems BCMGunfighter (also written BCM Gunfighter) charging handle, Vltor railed gas block with flip-up front BUIS (Back Up Iron Sight) and Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) 300 and 600 meter rear BUIS. The guns should be packaged with 3-5 30-round magazines (unconfirmed/unverified).

The lightweight “pencil barrel” model Colt Tactical carbine is particularly noteworthy, considering its potential as a lightweight gun for running and gunning. It’s basically a flattop LE 6520-config carbine that’s been upgraded with (for now) a Centurion free-float rail, Vltor/BCM Gunfighter charging handle, KAC rear BUIS, and Vltor iMOD stock.

One of the Colt Tactical display guns sported a Grip Pod System vertical foregrip/bipod/weapon stabilization system, which is worth reading about.

The following information comes from the Colt Tactical flyer at the Colt booth at SHOT Show 2010:

Colt Tactical: Bringing the most advanced technology, combined with legendary Colt quality and reliability, to the tactical rifle market.

Colt Tactical
Battle-Tested, Training Approved.

Colt Tactical Mission Statement: To provide the most sophisticated, reliable, and capable tactical carbine packages available, period, to today’s most demanding tactical shooters. Colt Tactical carbines will utilize the highest-quality components and parts, as well as the latest and most compatible advanced accessories and technologies available, to achieve this goal.

When the weather says “Storm Ahead”, your Colt Tactical carbine says “Go Shooting”. It’s designed for you to be able to take it right from the box and go train hard. Whether it’s for tactical training, range work, or home defense, your Colt Tactical carbine always has you covered, since it’s designed to perform above and beyond in all circumstances and environments, and to maximize your abilities as a rifleman. It’s designed to always be there for you when you need it.

Every Colt Tactical carbine that comes off the line is built to the same exacting performance and quality standards as the Colt M4 Carbine, Colt M4A1 Carbine, and Colt Commando SBR, and incorporates as many torture-tested Mil-Spec parts and features as possible in a civilian-legal semi-auto-only carbine package.

We realize that, these days, it might be tempting to try to save a few dollars by purchasing a lesser product, but your inner gun guy knows your rifle is no place to skimp. So, why cut corners? Why settle for anything less than a Colt? Look, there’s quality, and then there’s Colt quality. Colt’s quality standards and reputation are legendary. So, don’t settle for a copy when you can have a Colt.

Colt’s back.

Look for the Colt Tactical website at [not live, yet, as of 2/02/10]. The Colt Tactical website will be interactive and user-friendly, and it will eventually feature a secure online store for civilian and law enforcement end users, as well as a separate ordering center for Colt Tactical dealers and distributors.”

Company Contact Info:

Colt Defense LLC
547 New Park Ave
West Hartford, CT, 06110
800-241-2485 Toll Free
860-232-4489 Office
860-244-1442 Fax Website

Disclosure Statement: An affiliate of the publisher ( has a business relationship with Colt Defense.

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Colt Defense Launches Colt Tactical Carbines/Rifles for Civilian Tactical Shooters at SHOT Show 2010: Tactical Guns Accessorized for Intensive Tactical Training by

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