Cherries CDC-Recommended Anti-Microbial Protective Face Mask in Woodland Camo (Camouflage) Pattern

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by David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

April 14, 2020

DefenseReview (DR) hopes all our readers are staying safe and well out there in the midst of this crazy Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown. With that in mind, we just found out about a reusable anti-microbial cotton face mask by Cherries that will apparently last up to 30 wash cycles. Cherries is known for making interesting and utilitarian concealed carry (CCW) clothing, hosters and gear, some of which we’ve previously reported on (see “Related Articles” below), and they’re now focusing their energies on combating COVID-19. Anyway, the Cherries anti-microbial protective face masks are done in a Woodland camo (camouflage) pattern, which we like.

The following (slightly edited) info on mask was sent to us by Cherries CEO and security maven Aaron Cohen:

“It’s a 2-ply CDC-recommended mask for civilian use, and is designed only to help slow the spread of COVID-19 for those who are asymptomatic. It’s in no way intended to replace medical-grade NIOSH approved masks like the N95 Respirator, which are being used on the front line.

As a company, I pivoted Cherries and our mass production apparel manufacturing capabilities to be able to mass-produce an extremely high-quality cotton mask to get out to to government agencies and essential services quickly, and with a high level of quality control.

The CDC recommended cloth face coverings fashioned from household items, or made at home from common materials, and I was like “I need to do this quicker, and really scale it”, which we did.

NASA is now running our masks for all its employees, and I’m glad we could make that happen quickly and with high a high degree of quality control.

We offer wholesale pricing on our 2-ply masks to all first responders. Email us [at] for a discount code.”

It should be noted that the masks are also available for civilians at regular pricing of $12.00 USD MSRP, and you can order via credit card or PayPal. The masks will start shipping the first week of May, but Cherries is taking pre-orders for them now.

Defense Review hasn’t yet received a Cherries protective mask, but we hope to recify that soon. The design looks comfortable.

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Cherries CDC-Recommended Anti-Microbial Protective Face Mask in Woodland Camo (Camouflage) Pattern by

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