McLean Corp Dynamic Retention Sling(DRS): Perfect for AK (Kalashnikov AKM)-Type Rifle/Carbines, and those with Folding Stocks!

By Jeff Gurwitch February 24, 2021 Let’s be real, when it comes to rifle slings, most shooters have settled upon using 2-point slings (with a single adjustable strap, connected to the rifle at the buttstock and handguard). Multi-point slings and single points have for the most part faded out of large-scale use. Multi-point slings have faded because they’re somewhat complicated …

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McLean Corp Dynamic Retention System (DRS) Tactical Rifle Sling Converts from Single-Point Sling to Two-Point Retention Sling in Seconds! (Video!)

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com October 26, 2020 Anyone who’s trained in tactical rifle shooting and/or operated with a rifle knows that a well-designed, high-qualitytactical rifle sling can really make your life better. That’s why we here at DefenseReview (DR) are always on the lookout for the best ones we can find–and this one looks pretty good, …

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