Hand-to-Hand Combat

Low-Profile/Low-Visibility Defensive Weapons: What’s Old is New Again!

By Toby Melville March 6, 2022 Defense is a state of being. We can orient ourselves mentally or physically, or a combination of both. This concept is massive and all-encompassing when contemplating defense, so let’s consider something more specific pertaining to physical self-defense. Having tools to protect your physical safety is essential, and dates to man’s earliest recorded history. The …

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VioPrep 101 Counter-Violence Self-Defense Combatives (Real Fighting) Training AAR: On the Road to ‘Ground W.A.R.’

By JB 2/20/18 I’m writing a review of a mindset/combatives course I took recently with Justin “Master Chim” Garcia of Jungle Gym Martial Arts, called VioPrep 101. This was an excellent course, and I was excited to take it because I feel that the mental preparation for counter-violence combatives (real fighting) is the most overlooked aspect of training in the …

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