Australian ‘Off-Axis View Device’ for Shooting Your Rifle/Carbine Around Corners

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by David Crane

Click on photos below to view them full-size.  All digital photos contained in this article are the exclusive property of the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).

DefRev just received the following information and digital pics from one of our Australian defense industry contacts.  It’s called the OAVD, which, according to our source, stands for "Off-Axis View Device" or "Off-Axis Viewing Device". 

The OAVD, developed by Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organization (DSTO) and manufactured by BAE Systems Australia, is basically a low-tech/low-risk version of the U.S. Army Land Warrior "shoot-your-rifle/carbine-around-corners" concept/system.  According to our source, "the OAVD is a simple field proven periscope system that attaches on a rail system to the back of a regular scope and allows shooting around corners. The sight can flip from left to right enabling shooting around both corners. One is issued to each rifle section (US: squad) in Australian infantry battalions and also to Special Operations [SPECOPS] forces like the Special Air Service Regiment [Australian SAS]. Currently in use in Iraq with Australian forces in Baghdad and Al Mutanah." It’s Defense Review’s understanding that the OAVD system has just been declassified by the Australian government/military, although we haven’t confirmed/verified this, yet.

We, here at DefRev, like the…

shoot-around–the corner concept, in general.  See and target/engage the enemy before the enemy can see and target/engage you.  We’ve certainly enjoyed writing about the Israeli-developed Corner Shot pistol mounting/around-the-corner viewing/targeting system and Corner Shot 40 40mm grenade launcher.  The original Corner Shot utilizes a video camera and flip out monitor that allows an operator to accurately fire his pistol/engage a threat around the corner, wheras the OAVD uses a simple prismed optic to allow an operator to accomplish the same feat with his carbine or rifle. 

DefenseReview doesn’t have any pricing information, yet.

Here are the pics:


Australian ‘Off-Axis View Device’ for Shooting Your Rifle/Carbine Around Corners by

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