Article on Israeli Anti-Active Shooter/Counterterrorism Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

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by David Crane

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I just wanted to give our readers a quick heads-up on my article in the latest issue of Tactical Response magazine on an Israeli anti-terrorism/counterterrorism (and anti-active shooter) SWAT school I attended with several LE SWAT teams and U.S. Army personnel. IMS Security instructed us in Israeli TTP (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) for dealing with terrorist and active shooter situations just like the Virginia Tech active shooter situation. The magazine shortened the article quite a bit, so I don’t think the version they published has quite the impact of my original article, but it still gets some of the basic points across, and contains some good info.

It’s an interesting coincidence that this tragic active shooter situation at Virginia Tech (VT), the worst in U.S. history, apparently, happened right after my article was published. The whole purpose of my article was to inform the law enforcement community about the type of tactical training required to prevent this specific type of threat. Understand that the goals of active shooters and terrorists are usually identical: kill and/or injure as many people as possible as quickly as possible. It’s only the motivation that’s (usually) different.

Bottom line is, if the Virginia Tech PD or and/or Blacksburg Virginia PD 1st Responders (i.e. patrol officers) and SWAT operators had…

received the same training that I received in the IMS Security Advanced Anti-Terrorist SWAT School, perhaps they could have saved more people. I’m not saying they could have prevented everyone from being killed, but they probably could have prevented a significant number of deaths.

When you hear gunshots occuring inside a structure (i.e. building), you have to go right in and engage the threat immediately. You cannot wait. Period. Every additional second equals one additional dead innocent person/hostage. That’s the math. It’s that simple.

Here’s the link to the greatly-shortened version of my article that Tactical Response magazine published:…

Israeli Anti-Terrorist SWAT School (by David Crane for Tactical Response magazine)

Note: The main photo currently on the Tactical Response magazine homepage is of Aaron Cohen demonstrating the Israeli technique of firing from a vehicle. David Crane, owner/editor-in-chief of shot this photo and all other photos contained in the print version of the article.

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to visit IMS Security Inc.’s Anti-Terrorist Training/Security Services page that contains information on the Advanced Anti-Terrorist SWAT School.

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Aaron Cohen
IMS Security

Note: “IMS” stands for “Israeli Military Specialists”.

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