Arms Tech LTD Overwatch Rifle (OW-A4) for Military SpecOps and LE SWAT

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by David Crane

The following information on the Overwatch Rifle (OW-A4) is from the Arms Tech LTD (AT LTD) Overwatch rifle (OW-A4) spec sheet brochure. To our knowledge, this is the first information to be released on this new rifle:

"RATIONALE. Following the earlier success of the lead Arms Tech LTD TTR-700 program in 7.62mm NATO (.308 Winchester), it was only logical further develop this highly compact weapon system into a rifle with a more conventional tactical stock

In practical terms, the market for the Overwatch Rifle (OW-A4) is readily apparent. For Parachute/Air Assault, SOF and SWAT personnel specifically, the desirability of a medium range complete sniper system that can be carried in a smaller package without compromising system integrity, repeatable accuracy or durability is self-evident. Further, OW-A4 has the advantage of being mission-configurable to any…

caliber or barrel length required for a given tactical situation. We further believe that this development represents a very logical product improvement for the US Army M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) and the newer USMC M40A3 Sniper Rifle. From disassembled backpack configuration to first round down range a trained sniper can deploy the OW-A4 within 20 seconds.

OW-A4 ACTION. With experience in developing and producing precision bolt action and gas operated sniper rifles since 1987, Arms Tech LTD applied a wealth of experience in the development of the TTR family of weapons. The Remington 700 action has been extensively modified and blueprinted for utmost reliability and accuracy. Further the tolerances on the proprietary barrel interface system is such that the OW-A4 is absolutely guaranteed to return to zero after removing and reinstalling the barrel – an operation that is done entirely by hand without the aid of any tools whatsoever. The barrel installation and removal process takes only as long as it takes the sniper to unscrew the unit from the host weapon. The special threading ensures that the barrel will not unscrew inadvertently under combat conditions. The OW-A4 can be built upon either a long or short action receiver.

OPTIMIZED FOR SUPPRESSED OPERATION. The rifle comes standard with a threaded barrel and false muzzle protector to facilitate the employment of the optional AT LTD MD-30S Sound and Flash Suppressor. This newest variant of the MD-30 suppressor now is manufactured from entirely stainless steels. The outer tube is now made from 304 stainless and the internal components are manufactured from 17-4 tool steel. This combination of materials ensures an extremely long service life for the diminutive MD-30S. It must be stressed that with the 20” standard and optional 17.0-inch barrels, the MD-30S should be thought of as an integral component of the OWR. However, this suppressor is only available to official agencies, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and other qualified consumers.


(1) Length, with 20” bbl. inches (in) 41.5
(2) Length, with bbl removed, in 32.5
(3) Height, without mount and optics, in 6.0
(4) Weight, pounds, with 20-inch barrel
a. Empty and without suppressor 14.5
b. Without scope and mount 13.0
c. Stock and action alone 9.0
(5) Barrel: 20.0”, Schneider match grade, hybrid 416 stainless with six grooves, right-hand twist, 1:12 Rate of Twist (ROT).
(6) Feed mechanism: Five round, staggered box integral magazine.
(7) Operation: Bolt action. Two lug bolt. Two position safety on right side of bolt sleeve.
(8) Furniture: custom fitted McMillan Model A4 or A5 fiberglass tactical stock.
(9) Standard Optics: Leupold VARI-X-IIC, 3-9X40MM variable-power Tactical Scope with MIL DOT reticule. Leupold rings and QD Mounts. At customer’s request Picatinny Rail and rings may be substituted
(10) Finish: Black oxide per MIL-C-1394-C or phosphate (“Parkerizing”) per DOD-P-16232F.
(11) Standard Package Includes: Complete 7.62mm NATO caliber rifle as described above, scope, mounts, rings, Butler Creek caps with Kill Flash, MIL-DOT Master analog computer with instructions.
(12) Chambering: Normally, the OW-A4 is supplied in 7.62mm NATO (.308 Winchester). However, the weapon can be supplied in any chambering appropriate for the length of action used.


CALIBER AND BARREL CHOICES. The OW-A4 weapon system is normally supplied with a 20.0-inch barrel. Upon request, the weapon can be built in virtually any caliber appropriate for the short action Remington 700 receiver design. Likewise, additional barrels can be ordered in any requested length. The OWR is available in either a long or short action.

VORTEX FLASH HIDER. The proven and patented Smith Vortex flash hider, is also available at extra cost. Tested by several government agencies and law enforcement entities, this proven design stands alone as the worlds premiere flash hider.


(1) Weight, ounces 18.0
(2) Length, inches 9 3/16
(3) Diameter, inches 1.0
(4) Materials,
Exterior Housing 304 Stainless
Interior Components 17-4 Stainless
(5) Finishes – either or black oxide per MIL-C-1394-C, or phosphate per DOD-P-16232F
(6) Interface, threading, inches – 5/8 x 32 TPI x .625 Length with Thread Relief Minor at Shoulder. Other interface configurations upon request.

HIGH HUMIDITY OWR VARIANT. : For applications in high humidity or operations in the “Surf Zone” a special corrosion resistant variant of the OW-A4 can be supplied. The receiver, while manufactured from chrome moly steel, can be specially treated with a corrosion-resistant finish, suitable for operations in a marine environment. The high humidity variant is available in a bead blast or chrome sulfide finish, per Mil-C-13924B.

ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION. Arms Tech LTD is an ISO 9001-certified developer and manufacturer of armaments and related technologies supporting the special operations community (ISO Certification NZ056095). ISO-9001 is the most demanding of the various ISO standards for developers and producers. DOD has endorsed this system for all contractors since 06 June 1991

(Information current as of: 12 June 2004)"

Click here to download the actual Arms Tech LTD (AT LTD) Overwatch Rifle (OW-A4) spec sheet/brochure.

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