A Dress Tactical From Terry Primos

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For their June 2002 Issue, BLADE posed an interesting challenge to five bladesmaiths. "Design a Tactical Fixed Blade knife that could be worn in a dress or pocket sheath, would be large enough to actually be used and yet appear non-threatening."

One of the bladesmiths that they challenged was Terry Primos.

His submission is a tactical knife with a 4" double edged clip point blade. It is differentially tempered to give great edge holding capabilities while still maintaining the flexibility needed in a working knife. The Hamon sweeps up to meet the top edge and is clearly visible. The top edge is a chisel in the classic Eastern knife fashion while the primary edge is a conventional double grind.

The grip is made from Thuya Burl and looks beautiful. This knife can easily be worn with formal or informal wear. It has a full guard to protect your hand or to use to deflect a blow. The grip has a slight swell that firmly locks it into your hand in any position.

Small, light and extermely fast, this knife is definitely a fighter, yet it is pretty enough that the only comments you’ll ever get will be "Where can I get one?" The cost is only $200.00 (slightly higher with a custom sheath) which places it right in with most high end production knives.

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A Dress Tactical From Terry Primos by

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