70th Anniversary of World War II (WWII) D-Day Invasion: A Great Big Thank You from DefenseReview (DR)!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

June 6, 2014

Today is the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Forces D-Day invasion, the day America’s fighting men stormed the beaches of Normandy (France) and scaled the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc against withering German machine gun fire and everything else the Germans could throw at them. We all owe those brave soldiers not only a great deal of gratitude, but remembrance, as well. If you have kids, teach it to them, because the public school system probably won’t.

DefenseReview (DR) is extremely grateful for their service and sacrifice, as well as that of our current warfighters who all honor their memory by voluntarily fighting overseas to keep us safe and free. DR has friends risking their lives in Afghanistan right now, friends we worry about daily, and that we wish to see come home alive and healthy (for good) as soon as possible.

To all the men that have perished protecting the rest of us, and our freedom, and to all those who continue fighting to do the same, thank you, and God bless you. We really appreciate your service and sacrifice.

Now, please take a moment to read and watch (video below) President Ronald Reagan’s great Pointe du Hoc speech. It’s a really good one, and obviously wholly appropriate to the occasion.

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70th Anniversary of World War II (WWII) D-Day Invasion: A Great Big Thank You from DefenseReview (DR)! by

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