5.11 Challenge Winners Donate $175,000 to LE Depts Hit by Hurricane

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The following is a 5.11 Challenge press release:


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Sponsors follow up with additional donations totaling over $500,000

MIAMI, FLORIDA (September 25, 2005) –
The 5.11 Challenge sponsored a breakfast at this years IACP 5K race to announce to its 500 runners and media that the three winning departments of the 2005, 5.11 Challenge finals are donating their prizes to needy departments hit by hurricane Katrina. The Tucson Police Department, the U.S. Probation Department from Las Vegas, Nevada and the Walla Walla Police Department have announced the donation their entire prize package to…

fellow officers in need.

The 5.11 Challenge is an international shooting competition, which selects officers from all over the world to compete for prizes valued at $175,000. The first place team, Tucson Police Department, represented by officers Lee Souter and Bob Callan will donate their $100,000 prize package to police departments on the gulf coast. The U.S. Probation team out of Las Vegas, Nevada, represented by Chad Boardman and Robert Aquino is sending their $50,000 prize package to probation offices and police departments in the Gulfport, Mississippi area and the Walla Walla Police Department represented by Steve Harris and Kevin Huxoll has selected Pescagoula Police Department in Pescagoula, Mississippi to receive their $25,000 package.

The staff of the 5.11 Challenge is working with sponsors to direct the much-needed products directly to officers in critical need. Many officers have lost everything including their uniforms, clothing, firearms, and other essential gear. “We hope to be able to outfit the guys who really need help,” said Captain Brett Klein of the Tucson Police Department. Our guys did a great job of representing our department, the least we can do is give back to those officers who have lost so much,” Kline said.

Walla Walla Police Department Police Chief, Chuck Fulton, is working with his city adminstrators to provide help to the city of Pescagoula, Mississippi. Walla Walla is gathering much needed supplies to help their new sister city and the donation of the winning prizes to the Pescagoula Police Department will start to get those officers back on their feet more quickly.

Deputy Chief Reginold Michael of the U.S. Probation Department in Las Vegas Nevada, said today, “We are proud of how well our two men shot this year in the 5.11 Challenge and could not think of a better way to recognize what the event does for Law Enforcement than to give the prize package to officers in the Gulfport area who have lost everything.”

The generosity of the three winning departments has been rewarded by the sponsors of the event with additional pledges of gear above and beyond the original prize packages. To date, sponsors have pledged over $350,000 in additional products to be handed out to law enforcement departments hit by hurricane Katrina. The total donation currently exceeds $500,000.

The prize packages and support for the 5.11 Challenge are provided by 5.11 Tactical Series®, Aimpoint®, Teflon®, Blackhawk Products Group, Glock®, Streamlight®, First Choice Body Armor, CamelBak®, Buck Knives, Remington, Eye Safety Systems, Bianchi International, Blackwater USA, The Outdoor Channel, PoliceOne.com, Tactical Response Magazine, Law and Order Magazine, Police and Security News, American Police Beat, Law Enforcement Product News, Police Magazine, Police Marksman Magazine and The Law Enforcement Division of the National Rifle Association.

About the 5.11 Challenge:

The 5.11 Challenge was established as a give back to law enforcement officers and their departments. Police officers are randomly selected from a list of officers who have signed up for a chance to participate in the competition. Any police officer may be selected to compete on behalf of their department. The officer selected must choose a partner from their department to compete in the two-man competition held at an exclusive lodge on the Bighorn River in eastern Montana. Each team is treated to a four day, all expense paid trip which not only includes the shooting competition, but also a float fishing trip with professional fishing guides down the Bighorn river, a set of gear provided by the sponsors valued at $1,500, and gourmet food served at the 5 star fishing lodge provided by 5.11 Tactical Series® owner Dan Costa.

Officers are flown to the lodge in groups of 8 to compete each week for 8 weeks over the summer. The top three teams of the summer are then brought back to the range and lodge at the end of the season for a shoot off to determine first, second and third places.

The organization and distribution of the prize packages to needy departments will begin immediately. For more information on the 5.11 Challenge visit www.511challenge.com.

5.11 Challenge Winners Donate $175,000 to LE Depts Hit by Hurricane by

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