We’re Back…from SWAT Round-Up 2002!

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O.k., everybody, we just got back from Orlando, FL, where we had the honor of attending the latest SWAT Round-Up (2002). SWAT Round-Up is an international LE SWAT competition where SWAT teams from around the country, and even some from overseas, come to compete against each other in organized events that test their various tactical/operational skills, shooting skills, and mental and physical fitness levels.

This year, some of the best teams in the country, like…

LAPD SWAT and Dallas PD SWAT, showed up at the Orange County Sherriff’s Office Range to compete. Also in attendance were European teams from Germany, Sweden, Northern Ireland, and Bosnia.

Anyway, we’ll be coming out with some articles relating to the Round-Up, as well as some REALLY cool video on some of the weaponry we got to shoot, very shortly.

Quickly, DefRev would like to give special thanks to Chief Mike Foreman (of the Orange County Sherriff’s Office) for allowing us to attend, and being so gracious and helpful to us while we were there. We are truly greatful. We’d also like to thank Beverly Thornton(also at OCSO), who also assisted with the event.

Please stay tuned. There’s going to be some really neat stuff to follow.

David Crane

We’re Back…from SWAT Round-Up 2002! by

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