Unique Alpine TPG-1 Modular Multi-Caliber Sniper Rifle for Tactical Apps

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by David Crane

October 26, 2004

Unique Alpine, of Austria, is making a rather interesting modular multi-caliber bolt-action sniper/long-range-interdiction rifle called the TPG-1. DefRev doesn’t know much about it yet. Here’s what we do know: the TPG-1 high-precision rifle utilizes a 3-lug bolt, which locks directly into the barrel extension. The TPG-1’s receiver is manufactured from special high-grade aluminum alloy, and features a low-bore axis M1913 Picatinny rail. The full-length aluminum chassis incorporates molded forend panels for a more secure and comfortable hold.

The Unique Alpine TPG-1 tactical sniper rifle / long-range interdiction rifle also incorporates a molded ergonomic pistol grip with finger grooves and hand rest, as well as a removable/adjustable length buttstock (adjustable butt plate) with adjustable cheek-piece.

The TPG-1 is…

available in seven calibers, including, but not limited to, 5.56x45mm (.223Rem), 7.62x51mm (.308Win), .300Win Mag, and .338 Lapua. Rounds are fed from a detachable box magazine. We think the TPG-1’s magazine capacity is 3-5 rounds, depending on caliber. This is unconfirmed.

If you or your agency/organization would like to inquire further about the Unique Alpine TPG-1 sniper rifle, you can contact Unique Alpine by phone (in Austria) at 0700-222-55-474, or you can contact them via email at info@unique-alpine.com.

Unique Alpine TPG-1 Modular Multi-Caliber Sniper Rifle for Tactical Apps by

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