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Press Release

CONTACT: Jeff Gonzales, Director of Training
Trident Concepts Research Group
[email protected]

DATE: Prescott, Arizona December 19, 2001

The book Combative Fundamentals, An Unconventional Approach, by Jeff Gonzales will be released and available for retail purchase spring 2002.

Jeff Gonzales takes you step by step through developing the combat fighting skills necessary to work in a variety of environments. Utilizing his 12 years as a US Navy SEAL with experiences as a combat operator and instructor he outlines strategies that help identify your potential. Learn how to apply the fundamentals of combat shooting skills consistently and decisively. Employ aggressive training and evaluating techniques that don’t just leave you hanging, but stimulate your shooting potential. You will discover how to:

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– Master the fundamentals and execute them decisively.

– Identify flaws in your present training and techniques.

– Develop and refine the combative mindset.
– Develop greater confidence at a non-diagnostic approach to fighting.

– Develop training goals and strategies to achieve them.

– Shoot quicker, more accurately and most importantly, more consistently.

Introduce stress and techniques to manage stress “under fire.”

– Become familiar with personal protection plans and how to develop them.

This book will enable you to achieve positive results and more importantly better prepare you for a lethal confrontation.

“The secret to winning is simple. Master the fundamentals and then execute them faster than your opponent.” Jeff Gonzales

Trident Concepts Research Group specializes in reality based tactics and training. Their goal is to better prepare you for the worst-case scenario. Drawing from their experiences they provide proven techniques that when mastered perform in dynamic situations. Constantly testing and evaluating new philosophies, techniques and tactics ensure the end product is the best.

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