Trident Concepts 2005 Tactical Shooting/CQB Courses and New Book!

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Trident Concepts, LLC recently sent DefenseReview their 2005 course/training schedule for their various shooting/CQB (Close Quarters Battle) classes, via email. These include Combative Pistol (CP1), Combative Pistol Two (CP2), Combative Carbine (CC1), Shooting on the Move (SOM), Shooting on the Move, Carbine (SOMC), Operational Team Tactics (OTT), Secondary Weapons Transitions (SWT), Close Quarters Fighting, Strong Hand Only (SHO), and Concealed Carry Practices.

Trident Concepts is owned and operated by Jeff Gonzales. Jeff’s a retired Navy SEAL/SPECWAR operator (Team Four).

Jeff’s also written what looks to be a very interesting and informative book called "Combative Fundamentals, An Unconventional Approach". Click on the link below to read about it:…

Click here to view Trident Concepts’ 2005 course schedule.

Trident Concepts 2005 Tactical Shooting/CQB Courses and New Book! by

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