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Ballistically-Launched Tactical Sensor Network for Infantry Warfighters

by David Crane defrev at gmail.com The September 2007 (Vol. 6 No. 8 ) issue of C4ISR Journal (The Journal of Net-Centric Warfare) magazine has an interesting article on The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) Expendable Local Area Sensors in a Tactically Interconnected Cluster (ELASTIC) initiative. The goal of ELASTIC is to develop and eventually field "a set of …

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Eye Ball R1 Throwable Camera System for High-Risk Mil/LE Tactical Ops

by David Crane david@defensereview.com All digital photos included with this article are courtesy of Remington Technologies. Criminals, insurgents, and terrorists beware. The Eye Ball R1 remote-controlled 360-degree spherical camera system, or "mobile display system", originally designed and developed by O.D.F. Optronics, Ltd., out of Tel-Aviv, Israel, will now be manufactured and marketed in the U.S. by Remington Technologies, a division …

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