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ST Kinetics CPW (Compact Personal Weapon) Submachine Gun/PDW

By David Crane defrev at gmail dot com October 24, 2008 DefenseReview recently mentioned Singapore Technologies Kinetics a.k.a. ST Kinetics in our article on the GDATP IAR/Ultimax 100 Mark V (Ultimax 100 MK5) LMG/SAW is offering an interesting and pretty slick-looking little lightweight, multi-calber submachine gun (SMG)/personal defense weapon (PDW) called the Compact Personal Weapon (CPW) for CQB/CQC applications and …

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Correction Re: TDI KRISS Photos in Previous Article

by David Crane defrev at gmail.com In our latest article on the TDI Kriss Super-V XSMG .45 ACP submachine gun, it stated incorrectly at the top that I, David Crane, am the pictured one in the photos. This mistake has now been corrected in the text. While I did test-fire the KRISS during that same range session, the photos in …

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TDI KRISS Super V XSMG .45 ACP Submachine Gun Range Session at Blackwater

by David Crane defrev at gmail.com November 11, 2007 All photographic images contained in this article were taken by DefenseReview.com, and they are the exclusive property of DefenseReview.com. DefenseReview.com owns the copyright on these photos. All photos were shot with a 7.2-megapixel Sony Cyber-shot digital camera (Model #: DSC-P150). The individual pictured in photos is a TDI company representative. It …

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