Tactical Electronics Wireless Camera/Scope Systems: Sneak n’ Peak at the Badguys

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by David Crane

Tactical Electronics was at SWAT Round-Up 2003, and they are one very interesting company.

Tactical Electronics only does one thing, and that’s design and manufacture wireless handheld/hand controlled tactical monitoring systems specifically geared for LE SWAT and military Special Operations use (and, most likely, bomb detection as well). And, from all reports, they do it rather well. Basically, the idea is to get real time visual intel on the badguys without getting shot–and perhaps without even being noticed.

Tactical Electronics’ premiere product appears to be their PCSS1 Wireless Pole Camera Search System. This system can reportedly transmit video signals at distances close to…

1 mile and operates over 8 hours on four 3V lithium batteries. Standard length unit weighs 2.75 pounds, but multiple quick-change extensions are available that allow the pole to stretch over 20′. Black and white and color camera heads are waterproof to 30′. Light sources attach via Weaver mounts. The pole can be utilized with any of the various Tactical Electronics monitoring options.

The other monitoring options Tactical Electronics is talking about might be their VFS1 Wireless Video Fiberscope and UDC1 Wireless Under Door Camera.

Real time video images can be transmitted remotely to Tactical Electronics’ Wireless Wrist Mounted Monitor which can be worn by the pointman operating the PCSS1, VFS1, or UDC1, as well as to a Handheld Wireless Video Receiver, which can be monitored by tactical command personnel at the rear. Or, if a team wants to go virtual reality, they can transmit the video signal to a Head Mounted Monitor. The Head Mounted Monitor can be worn over eyeglasses.

If you follow the hypertext links to the various Tactical Electronics products discussed in this article, you can learn more about them and read their specifications.

Rumor has it from a reliable source that Tactical Electronics received special permission from the NSA (National Security Agency) in order to be able to broadcast/transmit wirelessly at such a large distance. DefRev will research the validity of this rumor. We’ll also try to gleen as much additional interesting info on these products as we can.

Contact info for Tactical Electronics can be viewed at the Tactical Electronics contact page on their website.

Tactical Electronics Wireless Camera/Scope Systems: Sneak n’ Peak at the Badguys by

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