Stun Rounds by Maxsell Corporation

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Here’s an interesting product, but DefRev is not so sure it’s such a good idea. Intended to be a first round alternative for a defensive firearm, the Stun Round by Maxsell Corporation may just be a solution to a non-existent problem.

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Here’s why–If, God forbid, you ever have to draw your firearm on another human being, you must be–and, from a legal standpoint, you HAVE to be–in fear for your life in the first place. Now, if you actually end up having to FIRE your weapon, you must indeed believe that you’re going to be severely crippled or killed immediately if you don’t. So, given those perameters, why would anyone want their first round to be a stunner, rather than the real thing? It just seems like Maxsell is asking the shooter to take a rather huge chance with their life while faced with someone bent on their destruction, a chance that we here at DefRev would not be willing to take, especially down here in Miami. Let’s face it, real bullets don’t always do the trick in a close range engagement. Why would anyone want to bank on rubber ones?

That said, if you want the ability to supposedly stun your attacker(this is what the company claims the round can do), instead of putting him or her down permanently, the Stun Round might just be the thing for you. Made out of soft rubber, it is supposed to be non-lethal, even at short range. An even better use, in our opinion, is as an indoor practice round, assuming the cartridges are lead-free. Stun Rounds are available in all popular defensive calibers.

Click on this link to visit the Stun Round page at Maxsell Corporation’s website.


Stun Rounds by Maxsell Corporation by

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