Stavatti TIS-1(Tactical Infantry System-1) Gasdynamic Laser Infantry Rifle.

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DefRev just found this company on the web. Stavatti is an Aerospace Defense Prime Contractor that "is engaged in the design, qualification, production, distribution, service and total system support of new and original: fighters, sportplanes, tactical and strategic reconnaissance platforms, high performance corporate transports, heavy-lift theater transports, bombers, strike aircraft, launch vehicles and additional advanced aerospace vehicles." Apparently, they make a few other interesting things as well, like the TIS-1 gasdynamic laser rifle.

The Stavatti Tactical Infantry System-1(TIS-1) Gasdynamic Laser Weapon System is a man-portable laser infantry rifle concept that was originally conceived by…

their "Armament Systems Division" in July 1999 in response the Light Fighter Lethality After Next (LFLAN).

According to Stavatti’s company literature, "the TIS-1 Gasdynamic Laser Weapon System is capable of delivering up to 170 bursts per minute on fully automatic mode, or one burst per trigger release for precision sniping. Effective range of the TIS-1 is dependent upon dispersion of the 1.3 mm diameter laser beam over distance and is estimated at excess of 1500 meters. Powered by a radioisotope thermal energy source, the TIS-1 concept provides a practical directed energy weapon (DEW)."

DefRev has no idea yet how far along Stavatti is on this project, but we certainly aim to find out. If it actually works, it would represent a rather significant advance/breakthrough in the world of man-portable infantry weapons.

Click here for more info about the Tactical Infantry System-1 (TIS-1) Gasdynamic Laser Weapon System.

Click on this link to visit Stavatti’s "About" page and learn more about the company.

Stavatti TIS-1(Tactical Infantry System-1) Gasdynamic Laser Infantry Rifle. by

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