Select Controls Shot Counter and Weapon Diagnostics for Infantry Small Arms

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by David Crane
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While we were walking around the exhibition hall at NDIA International Infantry & Joint Services Small Arms Systems Symposium 2008, we ran into Ken Brinkley of Select Controls, Inc. (SC), who was discussing one of SC’s systems with one of the vendors. From what we were able to discern, Select Controls has an electronic shot counter that can allow the operator to keep precise track of his shots fired. We’re going to be giving Ken a call to find out exactly how it works, but just looking at the website, it would seem that the system works via an acceleration sensor (unconfirmed/unverified), but we don’t know, yet.

BTW, that’s not all Select Controls (SC) can do, apparently. From what we were able to overhear, SC has a system that can not only count shots, but also give complete weapon diagnostics. So, if the weapon experiences a stoppage, jam, or malfunction, or if there’s a parts failure of any kind, the system can assist in figuring out exactly how it happened. We’re definitely going to interview Ken about this. Some of our immediate questions are:…

1) Are the shot counter and complete weapons diagnostics system included in the same package, or can they be purchased and applied separately?

2) How many aspects/data points of the weapon can be monitored at once, and what are they?

3) What’s the size of the system?

4) How much does the system weigh?

5) Can it be applied to any/all infantry small arms?

6) How accurate is the system (shot counter and weapon diagnostics)?

7) How durable/rugged is the system.

8) What’s the price?

If the electronics are small and light enough, don’t interfere with weapon operation/ergonomics in any way, aren’t too expensive, it just might be a viable addition to the weapon. We’ll see. We definitely want to find out more about it.

Company Contact Info:

Ken Brinkley
Select Controls, Inc. (SC)
1080 Old Owenton-Georgetown Rd.
Owenton, KY 40359-8260
502-484-1206 Direct
631-467-8577 Office
631-567-9013 Fax

Main Office:

45 Knickerbocker Ave.
Bohemia, NY 11716

Select Controls Shot Counter and Weapon Diagnostics for Infantry Small Arms by

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